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    fabricated console ideas

    Looking good as always duderino!
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    Custom Built Mahogany Lined Drawer System for Tacomas

    These are beautiful. Nice work!
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    Tex's '18 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro build

    You can see that there is essentially no penetration on that weld.
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    WTB: GX470 ARB Bumper

    Bumperino. Also open to metaltech or demello.
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    WTB: GX470 ARB Bumper

    Looking for a used ARB bumper for Lexus GX470. Please PM me with leads. Would prefer not to buy new.
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    Grand Slam West (Moab) Cancelled - 2018

    Bummer... GSW is basically the mecca event for any Grand owner. I haven't been since 2009 but it was a great time.
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    Polaris is about to screw the good folks at 4WD hardware

    Ah, the glory days. Also... Hi Dave!
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    2014 JK 2 Door Build

    Looking good! I want to get a good photo op with my WJ between the dinos. Was that out in Anza?
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    Show me your "Adult" rigs and how you keep them running.

    That console looks perfectly at home in your truck. Nice upgrade!
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Awesome. Where is this?
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    99 Jeep XJ Intro and expedition "build" attempt! Plus some restoration.

    That rear tire carrier is a pretty cool solution that we don't see very often. How did you support the mount on the back side of the rear quarter panel?
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    ^Love your XJ. One of the best on ExPo.
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Just brainstorming here but I'm envisioning a 2 step solution. You could experiment with heavier duty hatch gas struts for the hatch and incorporate some kind of ratcheting mechanism into the stem of the strut to prevent closure. The 2nd step would be to build a low profile joint that attaches...
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    My first attempt at platform/storage solution *Jeep WJ*

    Not bad. I can undo the turnbuckles and lift the box out of the way in about 15 seconds.
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Thought I'd update this post with some finished photos. I took it out "Urban Camping" in LA over the last 3 days. Surprisingly LA has loads of campgrounds on the outskirts of the city that made this really fun. Original position, with the rear seats up and cargo cover. Fold seats down, move...