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    Pop-tops: are they worth it?

    I'd have to look back through my emails but I feel like it was starting around $2k (CDN) installed and went up to about $4k depending on options... but that was a few years ago now. Not sure what their pricing is like nowadays.
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    Utility trailer camping pod?

    Kamparoo's are also a cheapish option. Especially since they're made in Canada... with your high US dollar you should really get a lot for your $...
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    Steerable Trail Trailer

    Interesting concept... how do you plan to lock the steering straight for highway/road driving?
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    Can anyone recommend a better 4 way connector?

    No, not the 4 pin round. Gotta be the 4 pin flat unfortunately.
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    Can anyone recommend a better 4 way connector?

    I've browsed through all the common manufacturers like Reese and Hopkins... None of them had anything like what I need, but this would be my backup plan: Buy a pre made pigtail like this: Then I'd mount a small junction box near the front of the trailer (probably on the draw bar, somewhere...
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    Can anyone recommend a better 4 way connector?

    Can anyone recommend a GOOD 4 way trailer connector that I can use with round cable? I have 4c14 SOOW cable already run on the trailer and I just need to find a flat 4 way connector to use with it... the problem I'm running into is that all 4 way connectors I find are molded onto those silly...
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    Looking at a 4wd van, need some advice

    Yeah it went to a couple that live in Saskatoon (or somewhere thereabouts) I believe. As much as I miss the van, I do feel really at home back in my XJ. Had it in Valemount for the last couple weeks for a camping/wheeling vacation with my brother and it performed wonderfully. If any of you...
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    Looking at a 4wd van, need some advice

    A few parting pictures as it sat when it left my driveway: And a couple of the new setup:
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    Looking at a 4wd van, need some advice

    Well people, it's been fun but I've gone and sold the van... It's moving on to greener pastures over in Saskatchewan. As for me, well I've gone back to my trusty ol XJ... The vehicle that started this whole thing has drawn me back away. In the end I just felt I had too much money and effort...
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    So what Spartan Locker did you start with? And is this going in a front D60 or a rear D60 or does it matter? I've kinda wanted to try one out in my quigley front axle and your post has given me some new hope.
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    Can Ford or Chevy bench mount backwards?

    No sorry not 4 buckets, just 2 + the bench. But I do have 2 middle row buckets sitting in my garage though... I could always try it out and see if all 4 would fit with the bench... That would be pretty sweet. I undo the car seats and take them off the bench at night time and throw them in the...
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    The Ute II: E350 RB 7.3 ZF6

    Anyone know what the db level of an espar/webasto is compared to a Propex? A friend recently bought and installed a Propex in his van and it was a lot quieter than I thought it would be...
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    Can Ford or Chevy bench mount backwards?

    A little off topic, but kinda related... My family of 4 fits in our ford EB van just fine. No pop top or high top yet. My girls are 2 and 3 so they're still in car seats. What I did is keep the front 2 buckets and I mounted a bed/bench from a Chateau van as the second row seat. When we fold...
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    Looking at a 4wd van, need some advice

    Haha thanks! I'll take you up on that offer for sure! We spent some time out your way last summer and had a really good time and I'm sure we will be back again in the near future. I'll hit you up before we come out and we can plan a lil get-together. As for the Edge chip, I never got it...
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    1997 7.3 diesel e350 intake woes

    I have my factory airbox that I could sell you... but be fore-warned, I'm in Canada and shipping may be a bit of an expensive ordeal. Or you could build something like what I did... See my posts here...