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  • I'm interested but have a Hawk four wheel camper. Am curious the dimensions between the boxes, from the headache rack to the back, and the height of the boxes. TIA
    Hi Escadventure. 60k miles is very low mileage. My truck started getting a check engine light and the code kept saying it was the EGR valve. However after three EGR valve replacements I knew something else was wrong. After looking around online I found out that the throttle body assembly get all clogged with carbon and soot deposits from the EGR system. So I pulled it off to clean it and sure enough it was completely clogged. After a generous cleaning with brake cleaner and wire brush pipe cleaners it was all clear. Has not had a check engine light on since. Other than that, I think you should have no issues besides maintenance. This is the first ford truck of this generation that I own and I am really happy at how solidly built this truck are. I am very happy with my truck and I am sure you will be too.
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