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    Hey all, gt a new laptop need recommendations
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    New Jeep Pick Up to be unveiled...The Gladiator

    What does an LC have to do with a jeep? I want a Jeep truck made by Jeep not by the half dozen companies that have messed up jeep in the last couple decades.
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    New Jeep Pick Up to be unveiled...The Gladiator

    Can we get one made by someone other than FCA?
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    SHoll's Silverado Build

    I fit infant seats in the back of my 04 just fine. I haven't had any oil burning problems but have a leaky water pump currently and just had to replace the brake lines after one burst.
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    "TrailTop" modular trailer topper building components

    Why not make your framing parts have an inner and outer layer like these it would make assembly simple, you just cut the plywood and slide in.
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    Custom truck camper, let's talk materials

    I always wondered why someone couldn't take a large sheet of thin steel or aluminum and bend to shape just like the way the vehicle body is made. When I was rebuilding our camper I used wood 1x with doweled joints and water proof glue. Each side I made solid and then used liquid nails to glue...
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    Shocktober is here! Upgrade your shocks!

    Just to warn everyone. I took advantage of this deal a couple years ago and was given the runaround at Rancho. They confirmed receipt of my paperwork and kept forwarding me to another person or telling me to call another person. After a few months I gave up and never received the rebate,
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    Building a roof rack deck on a GMT800 Suburban Z-71

    I would still put the hand holes in like v1. Then make a 'plug' for each hole with a thinner top layer about 1/2" bigger than the holes. So you have a cover for each with a plug inside to keep the cover from moving around. Then drill your mounting holes in those plugs rather than the deck...
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    show your cb radio and antenna install

    Fuse/Relay block Antenna
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    2004 Silverado 1500 crew build

    I compared my speed with a GPS after the swap to285 and it was exactly matching which means it must have been off before. The steering shaft has a similar clunking problem and many people replace it with an updated part. I just drilled and tapped for a grease fitting and grease it when I do the...
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    2004 Silverado 1500 crew build

    My 2004 came with Bridgestone Dueler AT's and they looked pretty well worn at 30k and seemed to have no traction. I replaced them with BFG's and I now have 120K on the odometer and they still look fine and I've never had any alignment done. The Duelers I think just sucked. I went to 285/75...
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    Full size crew (short bed) vs. Tacoma Double cab

    What I'm saying is if a full size is just as reliable, can haul more, cost less, get better mpg than the mid sized then why bother with the mid sized regardless of brand then I gave en example of a full size model/brand and a mid sized model/brand to illustrate that. I get asked this a lot at...
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    Full size crew (short bed) vs. Tacoma Double cab

    Except my Silverado has been more reliable than several Toyotas, is more capable and gets better gas mileage and that seems to be the norm.
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    Full size crew (short bed) vs. Tacoma Double cab

    Its more of a why bother with the Toyota when its no better and costs more to buy and operate.
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    Full size crew (short bed) vs. Tacoma Double cab

    I've given many a coworker a lift in my Silverado and many are impressed but then buy a Toyota. Two of them had the frame rust by back, one has had to pay over a thousand for brake problems after warranty. They all get the same fuel economy with their v6 as my v8. They have all have half the...