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    Logan's gen 2 V8 desert runner build

    I, for one, am unfortunately of no help with the leak down test. Presumably, your testing would be more accurate with engine on a stand, but every time I've done this air pressure blows the engine over and I actually open a valve. I get leaks all over the place. Any, easy enough way to turn...
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    Would you put a new timing belt in a Montero with 245k on the clock? See photos

    In my opinion it all starts with a compression test, and then how much time and money do you have. I always start with a compression test so I know what I have. Take all the plugs out, pull the fuel pump fuse and consistently check. Also, reading the plugs will tell you something as well...
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    Going to the junkyard to pull some 4.90 gears

    You can just great and re-boot yours. That's what I did when I swapped a 4.90 into my 4.27 ten 2.5. Incidentally, that was an informative post by Shovel. For instance, I had no idea about the use of the manual hubs. That if proceeding with out said hubs, you'd run the ring and pinion on the...
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    Paj Evo Engine Swap

    I'm sure this has been covered someplace, but I have a few 3.5l and 3.8l questions. Are the bottom ends compatible? Will 3.5 heads bolt to a 3.8 block so as to have increased displacement and not MIVEC? Just trying to plan for the eventual need for some engine work, which is likely a ways off...
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    Weird 2nd gen coolant leak and question about front axle shaft

    That canister is a vacuum accumulator. If it leaks then it will not hold vacuum generated from the intake of your engine. That vacuum is used to actuate a lever which engages the center diff in the front. That is actuated when you put the vehicle into 4wd. For a contrast the 4wd Montero...
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    Cruise control 🤷‍♂️ wacky?? IDK.

    Well, now that I think of it, I guess the cruise does need a working clockspring. So that's why mine isn't working. Cruise not that important for me, but are those clocksprings still available?
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    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    I might suggest looking at a backpacking type sleeping pad. I still backpack a fair bit still and they have some amazing ones these days. Thermarest (and I'm sure others) make some extra luxo ones for more like car camping. Way too heavy to big and heavy to carry on your back, but likely...
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    Questions about the Montero Sport

    Oops to be clear, certain Sport trim levels have the 4.9 gearing not all
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    Questions about the Montero Sport

    As others have said it is confusing to have both platforms have a common name. As between the later Sports and the regular Montero. My understanding is the 3.5liter Sport engine is the same one as in the regular Montero up to the year 2000. Also a 3.0 available in the Sport. Not sure what...
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    95 sr cv axle replacement help

    I had one at the ready but did not replace it as it looked/felt fine and was not leaking. That is a bit of a BS answer though. Pulling the old one out looked to be a bit of a pain as you almost need some sort of slide hammer puller. My regular wheel bearing seal puller did not fit. To be...
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    Fuel Trim Tech, 6G74, Simulated Manifold Leak, Lean Condition

    Would the sort of air leak you mocked up cause a CEL and a trouble code, or does one need to connect a scan tool and check fuel trims?
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    95 sr cv axle replacement help

    Here's my $0.02 on this topic. A couple of years ago I asked about this on this forum under the guise of most efficient trailside repair. Toasty replied with some good guidance. Might be hard to find. I've replaced CV's twice on these vehicles but always in my garage and I've bumbled through...
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    Toasty's '98 Montero Build

    This is a very interesting topic to follow. I still don't see how the 1UZ fits, although I've seen images someplace on the web of it being done, so it must. Maybe the 79 Colt Wagon has more distance fore-aft in the engine bay, but the Montero looks tight as it is. The head gasket would tell...
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    Gen1 V6 transmission/transfer case main rubber mount - where the heck do I get one?

    Try searching the inter web for Carmarka and Partsouq. The first is a parts distributor out of the UAE, and the second from Bahrain possibly. Both seem to be legit. I've ordered parts from them.
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    Montero may be totaled. What now?

    I'm sure it might vary by state, but how does that deal work with your insurance? Do they total the car and pay you for it and you buy it back? Salvage title? Or do you negotiate for the maximum payment you can from them, get a check and go at it yourself? In either case probably should drop...