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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Thank you.I saw some similarities to my home built (the one in my sign) and thought I could get some ideas. Enjoy.
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Cool!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy it !!!!!!! Any pics from the inside?
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Good morning...
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    EarthCruiser G - did the USA get the pick up version of the G?

    Greek Army has in service a LWB cargo version with a 2900cc turbo engine auto trans. More than efficient...
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    Joyota , my cj5 i guess its a "gladiator" build now

    You are right.It is unique and one of a kind indeed. And heck !!!!! I've just noticed that we are in the Toyota section LOL !!!!!!! Firgive me,I'm just a romantic ex m38a1 owner driving a wrangler TJ for the last 10 years :-)
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    Joyota , my cj5 i guess its a "gladiator" build now

    I admire your courage. Wouldn't it be easier to just stretch and reinforce the original chassis and tub and do an engine swap?
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    VMI Offroad Trailer Registry... and support group.

    Don't try it. Don't try it !!!! Imagine having to lift/remove your trailer and try to use the handbrake in the same time. Do yourself a favor and save (just a small ammount of ) the money you would pay to a colleague of mine (Physiotherapist) to treat your back and get a jockey wheel. It might...
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    Flippac + Stitch and Glue Camper

    Might want to consider installing legs on both sides of the front top when deployed. Looks like it's going to tip over (most likely diagonaly) once you crawl on it,unless the trailer it'self is too heavy..
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    Odyssey jeep trailer

    It's time to fill in the blanks ,so i had to make two jerrycans fit under the tub next to the frame. One each side. Only jerrycan holder you can purchase on this side of the planet is the original army style. Bad thing is that it can not hold jerrycan sideways. So I scratchbuilt something...
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    Odyssey jeep trailer

    My latest addition.
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    Newbie here w/his first off road trailer

    Yes you are right! Since he knows the total trailer's weight. But I usualy post having in mind that other people can use our writtings for future reference.