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    First Motorcycle to Learn on & Ride on the Back of our Camper Van

    You don't want to be sweating the whole time whether the carrier is going to give out. Try to get at least 20 % overhead on hitch and carrier. A bike under 350 lbs is ideal to start with. DR350, DRz400, XT350, etc. I put a KLR on my van and truck and it works fine. Don't be tempted to buy the...
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    SHTF and it did.

    Wow, thank you for sharing. You should submit this to Fox News or maybe even the AP. 14 minutes is definitely not an acceptable "service level". Kudos for handling the way you did.
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    First Camping Trip with Wife and Kid... Not so good...

    When I was tent camping, I wish I knew what I know now. It's very clear your answer is in some self-inflating mattresses. I happen to have 2 Thermarests (the 2 inch thick ones) and a larger 3 inch Alps Mountaineering. I can honestly say that the Alps is just as comfortable - or more comfortable...
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    [YEAR 7!] Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...

    Absolutely amazing - keep the log coming! Also you have mad photography skills.
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    Show off your Truck Shell / Top Modifications and Add-Ons !

    I used outdoor carpet at Home Depot. They may have several shades so you can get the closest to your shell liner if it has one.
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    Leave your Husband!

    She's a keeper! What a trip - those "eventful" trips can be some of the best memories and are always great learning experiences of course. Tell her the non-FBers like it too.
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    Yes or NO(!)? Dodge Ram

    I'm on my 3rd Dodge. I'm no fanboy but I do like them. Compared to a Ranger, a 360 will have poor mileage - I NEVER got more than 11.75 with a 2wd extended cab. 4wd will be even worse. The truck sounds like a good price but you can gauge the seller for his work - how clean is his garage? How...
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    Quality fast setup / 2+ person tent / Truck Shell Planning

    I have a fam of 3 and we are going to cut the cord and not pull the trailer on our trip from So Cal to Mesa Verde, CO. We will probably camp at least one night. I have a long bed truck with camper shell which can sleep 2. So wife and kid will probably go there. Dog and me will probably be in a...
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    New E-350 Project: VANdiana Jones!

    That is a sweet van. Do the seats fold flat in those vans or can they be bought that way? Seems like an excellent road trip vehicle for a small family.
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    LED lantern for camping (not for inside of tent)

    Cool stuff on here. It's amazing where technology is bringing us. I have used the Coleman white gas models for years mainly due to reliability but these things are just about there! I do like the sheer danger of a Coleman though!
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    Camper Shell Sleeping for 3 - bunk?

    I have a Dodge Ram longbed and would like to try some shell camping. 3 + dog if we can handle it. Has anyone made a bunk to go across the truck where the shell meets the cab? This is for someone under 5'6" so maybe it will work. I have a fiberglass shell. In other words, is there a reliable way...
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    shell / cap window conversion (slider to pop-out)

    Hey where did you buy these? My shell company has no idea how to help me on getting a front slider to replace my fixed front window.
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    Callen or Similar Camper Wanted for 2006 Dodge Long Bed - So Cal

    I'm looking for a camper shell for a 2006 Dodge longbed. The truck is white. Ideally I'd like a Callen but I'd consider any high top, etc. Barn style doors especially desirable but tell me what you have and maybe we can deal. Overhead style or not. I have a cab high but it doesn't have quite...
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    Camper shell mods

    G100, I checked out that whole thread. Wow! An awning for a pickup truck? I never would have imagined! Nice job with your setup.
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    Any other Vegans?

    I was thinking of going vegetarian for weight loss. Vegan sounds interesting but would it be better to start off completely vegan or starts vegetarian? Are there any web sites that talk about how to transition from carnivore to vegetarian or vegan for someone? Other than quit eating meat, it...