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    Camper and Truck Photos

    Snow pics continued. Maze Overlook campground, Canyonland Utah.
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    F250/350 Deaver Leafs

    I have an f250 with cari 2.5 pintop and Phoenix popup. Looking for deaver springs, I think 4.5" would handle the weight but a bit too high.
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    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    Shipping costs doesn't work for me Thanks
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    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    I'll take a pair
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    need feed back for which truck and pop up camper to buy

    See article in
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    Full size with service bodies?

    Aluminum service body may save some weight
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    Full size with service bodies?

    So far no issues.
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    Full size with service bodies?

    I'm running a regular cab with 8ft service body. No experience with regular bed but figure you'll have a narrower camper foot print but more outside storage...reverse for regular bed. Then there's the weight difference. Steel utility bed may weight more than regular bed. I allocate...
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    WTB: Winch cable 125' of 5/16"

    I have cable from my fairly new warn m1200. I'm in Ventura county. p.m. if interested.
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    Used Mean Mother 12k winch w/ steel cable (Ventura County, CA)

    See you listed (sold?) the factor 55 separately but interested if it didn't go through or you have a second one? I'm in Oxnard.
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    Just stumbled across this thread:
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Your business plan looks solid. Wonder if purchase, maybe damage repairs are comparable, composite vs. aluminum. Curious about weight differences, probably most important to overlanders.