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    My New American Built Adrenalin Rush - Preview and Review

    No word on the Adrenalins, however from what I understand is these are coming to the US:
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    Which propane camping fire

    Maybe try reaching out to one of the contacts on his dealer page or just have another hose made. I had one made for a stove, can't remember by who. I'd found them online. That being said, that's a ways for the gas to travel, I remember hearing you don't want a long run like that...something...
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    Which propane camping fire

    Curious as well, we have the large SP and the quickfire. vtsoundman, have you had the opportunity to have it running with the rocks or glass yet? How much more heat did it have? How/where did you run the hose for the quickfire?
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    Which propane camping fire

    Mine took a while to arrive. But it was a shipping issue, not with quikfire. Once I got a hold of Mike I received it in 2 to 3 days.
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    Which propane camping fire

    I think so. That's how I ordered ours. Just make sure to leave out the "c" in quick:D From the website it looked like there are some retail stores who sell them but I don't think there are any in your next of the woods. Try contacting them to see if they'd overnight it; it'd be costly but if...
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    Which propane camping fire

    Well, I'm counting myself lucky. We got our money from the KS campaign and put it toward a snow peak. However, we're still looking for a propane fueled pit for the areas with an active burn ban. Thanks for pointing me toward the, I'm liking it's compact size.
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    My Proffitts 1HD-FT 80 series conversion *UPDATED WITH PICS AND VIDEO*

    Congrat on the new to you 1hdft, it's my 80's cohort. They were getting the conversion at Proffitt's concurrently. Once you get an intercooler you'll feel way more comfortable going up extended grades. Plus with manual you'll have the entire grill area available without having the aux trans...
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    Mojoe Griddle | Mojoe Outfitters Thread

    I've been using an old 18" Kettle lid, liking your ideas about a 14" dome lid. The 14" sounds like a better option. Any recommendations?
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    Mojoe Griddle | Mojoe Outfitters Thread

    Agreed, Cooks Illustrated is great! We've been getting it for a while now:chef:
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    Rodney's Wholesale Automatics Extreme Nomad Valve Body A343 & A340E/F

    Wow, what a great price!?! I've one in my for the 442; it does shift firm and like Jeff said it doesn't slam. However the VB was mandatory for our when towing and being able to lock the TC with the optional switch is a huge plus. GLWS.
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    Mojoe Griddle | Mojoe Outfitters Thread

    We purchased the low/normal single burner CampChef and it didn't come with a diffuser. What are the dimensions of the one that came with the explorer?
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    Mojoe Griddle | Mojoe Outfitters Thread

    I'd like to know as well.
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    9 Days On The Road With My Six Year Old Daughter

    Great trip. Moments like these are what make being a parent so rewarding.
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    SoCal-Drawer System, Tembo Tusk LoadSpotter, Speski, ARB 50qt

    Fridge is off the market for now, trading with a friend.