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    Expedition Squared build

    Just wow. Apparently people there have a good sense of humor! Apparently they have a sausage cafe too? From 4 August: " UPDATE!! We Have a Winner! Sarah Ross with 'Granny's Sausage Factory' & Cafe we add the slogan 'Get a sausage in Uranus, Put a Smile on your Face'" This place is unreal.
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    2000 Mercury Mountaineer Build

    Nice! Those sliders look great.
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    2015 GMC Canyon

    Looks great as always!
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    Life with a Chevy powered Discovery 1

    Looks good - saw you on 248 the other day. Btw - FS41 (+side trip to Buckeye Lake) and FS35 off of 150 are pretty good right now. I had to turn around on FS35 earlier this week due to some pretty notable mud holes about 4.5mi in (didn't really want to risk getting stuck at 10pm). And there's...
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    Bringing Sexy Back. AKA 93' LWB RRC

    Looks really good. My fingers hurt looking at the end of that SS line though.
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    Peking-to-Paris 240z

    Watched it this morning; definitely a pretty cool rig. I definitely agree with Matt that offroad sports cars are just plain cool, in the least functional way. I like how they went with lower compression anticipating crappy fuel - thinking ahead!
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    Ditch Lights on a 2011 F-150 XLT Crew Cab

    Great write-up and install. For some reason, cowl mounts just make sense to me (as far as light projection, positioning, etc.).
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    Project "Danger Ranger"

    Nice clean install with the t-handle, and your Ranger looks great!
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    Let's see your 2nd Gen Colorado/Canyon

    Wow, that color combo is awesome. Great looking Colorado.
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    Upcoming Outlander PHEV

    Nice one. If Mitsu doesn't figure something out soon, they won't be bringing any cars stateside. Their sales have been lack luster for a while, and what with ending the Evo, I should imagine they'll drop more.
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    1997 Explorer Build

    That's great. Service like that could make that MSRP a little easier to swallow. I can't believe how much snow you guys have.
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    Bringing Sexy Back. AKA 93' LWB RRC

    Seems to be coming together nicely, and it looks good.
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    1916 Ford Model T on an RTI ramp

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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    Bringing Sexy Back. AKA 93' LWB RRC

    I second this. And did I just stumble onto your D2 on KSL? Cleaning house for the Classic?