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    This is my m416B1 Rescue Thread

    Cut the floor out, but leave 1/4-1/2 inch lip all the way around. Have a piece of sheet metal (12 to 14 gauge) cut to the dimensions of the floor (72 x 41 if I remember correctly). Drop it in and tack weld it. add some seam sealer and it should be good. Did that with one of my 416 projects a few...
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    Pintle vs. Ball for anti theft?

    Or there is always a nice deterrent like this for your pintle......used one when I lived in the city to deter theft. If someone wants it bad enough they will rig something to tow it. This keeps it safe from honest people.
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    Max Coupler

    I have driven 1/4 and 1/2 ton trailers all over the state and the Rubicon trail 3-4 times a summer for many years. A ball hitch is great on highways but would never work on that trail. I used pintle hitches for years, and the articulate really well, but do tend to clang and push/pull bang at...
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    Pintol hitches

    I have used both as well. Pintle will bang when rock crawling and your moving through rough terrain, but quiet on the road. I have converted several of my trailers to a Max Coupler and love them. As far as a new hitch yes you will need one, but I suggest something like this. It handles both and...
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    Marn's Basic M-416 Build

    Did you figure out a lighting solution for inside the RTT? I used LED strip lights (waterproof and sticky tape to mount). Just solder on wire to the length you want to mount, peel the sticky tape and press on to the bars in the tent. Stays there permanently. I would add some small zip ties...
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    This is my m416B1 Rescue Thread

    Sweet......I have seen guys use old Jeep tailgates that look great...I will shoot some pictures of my trailer today to further explain my homebuilt to add stability to cutting a tailgate into a m416 or m100.
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    This is my m416B1 Rescue Thread

    How's your progress? Did you get the tailgate figured out?
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    Finally got the 416 I purchased home.

    any updates or modifications coming??
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    4.0 XJ questions regarding the engine

    I have a 20 year old Cherokee (1999) that I am the sole owner of. It has been a great vehicle but is now sitting at just over 250,000 miles. This has been a great vehicle and I have tried to take care of it. I have never had any major mechanical issues that I didn't cause (none to the engine...
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    18 Jeep JLU Rubicon Possible World Travel

    How about something simple that covers both the motorcycle and gear. I cant remember where I saw it, but a fella had taken a M116 generator trailer, added some lockable cargo boxes on the sides (think fenders)...and had built a rack to hold his rtt. The rack allowed a MC to be secured underneath...
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    Marn's Basic M-416 Build

    Is that the Green Creek area southwest of Bridgeport?
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    87-95 YJ combo light mirror relocator brackets

    Need these to go to a good home...and out of my to offers.
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    87-95 YJ combo light mirror relocator brackets

    Bump and price reduction...$40 shipped CONUSA. I have zero use for them......somebody needs these for their YJ
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    My M416 Trailer Builds - Getting ready to start both builds

    What are you doing with the second one?? Love what you did with trailer number one.
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    87-95 YJ combo light mirror relocator brackets

    Found these in my garage. Never been used. Relocates mirrors off the doors and allows a bracket to attach lights. $45 shipped to USA...