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    The CrowsWing - Offroad Teardrop Trailer

    Having seen the trailer in person, I have to say the pictures do not do it justice. Your work is absolutely awesome. Keep up the good work. :drool:
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    C.Shontz 2001 Jeep Cherokee (Progress)

    Chris I got a 3 row radiator from radiator barn and it came with a life time warranty. It cured all my overheating problems. Check it out as an additional option.
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    Get back to work

    Get back to work
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    The Official XV-JP Fetching Thread

    Hey Chris, congrads on the trip, that looks like a load of fun. My only advise is to check your feet before you get in the rig, I would hate to see you have to clean the floors. Also watch for paper towels along side the trail. :oops: Keep the pics coming, they are awesome.