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    Gen 2.5 Mitsubishi Montero 2000 - Over-landing Family Truck - long term enhancement

    I saw your Montero while driving home today. It is the nicest Monty I have ever seen. Great Job!
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    Finally beginning my build! 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan

    I like this build. While driving My Mazda5 I took a scenic route in Colorado that got rough quickly. It made it fine. I know a Caravan is much more capable.
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    GMC Topkick 4x4 Expedition Camper Build

    I will be watching this!
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    Single Seat Dimensions

    Maybe a little out of the box but the middle of an f150 bench seat is removable and about that narrow.
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    Help; trying to build tall footed roof rack, Mercedes Westfalia

    I have had yakima tall feet and shortened them. The yakima rain gutter mounts are multiple pieces. I don't know why you could not make your own spacer with a longer bolt and make your own tall towers. If you want thule, call them, you can probably order directly from them.
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    1x9 tech question....

    You need to replace your chainring with a single speed specific one using single stack bolts. Simple and elegant
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    The Cherokee is back?

    2008 is a KK and you cherry picked your #'s I have both. Stock the KK is better.
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    The Cherokee is back?

    Who cares that it is ugly? It is form over function vs function over form. If you want jeep to continue building Wrangler's then they have to build these. Government fuel economy regulations caused this. It needs to be aero to get good mpg. FWD/AWD platforms are comfortable for day to day use...
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    The Cherokee is back?

    I don't dislike it The Liberty is the Cherokee elsewhere and stock for stock the Liberty is a much better 4x4 then the Cherokee. I own both a Cherokee 92 and a Liberty 08 and the liberty is light years ahead of the xj. If you want hardcore get a wrangler, if you want a daily that can handle bad...
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    not for USA (yet): Fiat Strada compact pickup

    I prefer ugly vehicles. The uglier the better. I can't see it when I drive it, so what it looks like does not matter. I would totally get one of these as a DD. It would be a good bicycle hauler/light duty camping vehicle. Easy to drive, easy to park, a vehicle for 99% of the time.
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    Need help finding a tent - Family of 5

    I would say base camp 6 from rei. We are 4 people with a dog and it has plenty of room. We have had it in high winds (60 mph) plus and horrible rain and it has been problem free. We have a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet that is cut to protect the inside floor of the tent. No tent is perfect...
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    How old before it's safe to take a baby on a 4x4 trip?

    Did Moab with a 6mo. The rocking helped her sleep.
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    Whats the story with the Commander?

    I am a tall big boned skinny guy with huge legs (from cycling). I have set in every vehicle that has any kind of all wheel drive and ground clearance. We road trip and have done 18 hour days with two kids in the car. Comfort is important. If it matters I have short legs and a long torso. On...
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    Replacement Jeep XJ Seats that dont break the bank...

    Try patriot seats. I believe charcoal/black is available. They are Jeep and the patriot and cherokee are virtually the same size. Some fab necessary.