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    2009 Chevy Medium Duty 4x4 Kodiak Ambulance conversion

    Excellent thread! Enjoyed every detail and love the build you made :) That kodiak ambulance looks like the bees knees, have to keep my eyes out for one.
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    Peterbilt in the Cold: Part Two

    It's always fun firing up a rig at -40... I would be EXTREMELY surprised if that frame flexed at all with that "load" on it.
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    2019 Ram Power Wagon

    I like the write up. Only coming here to disagree with this one sentence haha. Duratracs are one of the best all around tires out there. That being said, why they put them on a truck in Texas I don't understand. Down there they are pretty useless haha.
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    Stewart & Stevenson M1087 AAR EXPANSIBLE SHELTER (Slide Out)

    The government paid over $750k for the shelter alone? I am far from an expert but I highly doubt that... Maybe $750 with all the military goodies that filled the inside of it haha. Either way that seems like a good deal for $45k
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    Great White: A Chevy K10 Build

    A thing of pure beauty. It's always nice seeing a build with such attention to detail, especially on the older machines. Love it
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    2019 Silverado 1500 gets a diesel

    Computer won't let it go into 4lo while you're moving.
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    2019 Silverado 1500 gets a diesel

    This is all cool and stuff. I just wish the manufacturers would bring back manual transmissions...
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    Project- Suburban HD

    Boats are fun! Glad you got to enjoy needed family time. Excited to see this thing finally done. A guy on my old 4x4 forum in BC back in the day SAS'd one of these on 40's and his build thread was the same level of detail as yours. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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    Full size rigs-Airing down

    What he said^^ narrow rim is the poor mans bead lock. And remember; no donuts when you're aired down!
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    2017 Ram 2500 - Post Divorce Therapy

    When you're being dumb and playing around water and decide to go WOT through a hole no deeper than half your tire... Engine is asking for a lot of air and will suck in whatever is around/near it. Ask me how I know... haha.
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    03 Ram 1500 Build

    Very nice truck! I read the thread but didn't see it mentioned anywhere; do you get any wind noise from your hood lights? I'm wanting to do the same setup with my ram
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    The working - camping OBS F-350

    Living dangerously, I can respect that.
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    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Whereabouts are you Chilli? (I grew up in the Lower Mainland). You can just tell me the lake or general area to keep things somewhat secret still :P
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    1986 GMC S-15

    Ya I miss my 8' box that I had on my Cummins, never had to think about what could or couldn't be put in it... Now that I have my ram with the crew cab I have the shortest bed possible, and I put a big Knaack box in the back, I barely even have a pick up anymore haha.