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    WTB Ford F-350 Super Duty 4X4 My 2004 is still available and currently stored in Whitehorse. We plan to drive it down the west coast next spring if it has not been sold.
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    4x4 F350 6.1L with Lance 1010 Camper

    Ford F350 Truck with Lance 1010 Camper Available after our current trip to Tuktoyaktuk. Well maintained rig with about 145,000 miles (230,000km). 4 new heavy duty tires. Comfortable size camper fully equipped and ready to keep on travelling. A...
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    Overland expo

    Jane and I will be there this year. Looking forward to coming and meeting some folks from this forum. Afterwards we are heading to Monument Valley before starting our drive north to Tuktoyaktuk. Any tips will be welcomed.
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    I hate sleeping bags! Bed rolls?

    My choice has always been a king size duvet (comforter). For sleeping, I use it somewhat like a sleeping bag, with half under and half over. Before taking my clothes off, I lie on top of it for a while and that acts like a mattress warmer to make it ready for me. In the morning I stuff it...
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    What to drive from Colorado to South America?

    One advantage of the VW in South America is the local clubs. If you are so inclined you can meet local VW owners who will treat you as an honored guest. If you have mechanical problems they can tell you the best mechanics to take care of any problems...
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    Colombia: Good place to buy a car?

    As of a few years ago it was pretty straightforward and just involved getting the bill of sale type documents notarized and filed with the right offices. It was also easy to get insurance without being a resident (unlike many other countries). This was a few years ago so things can always...
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Current licenses: AB6WM - Ben Lomond CA VE3SUN - Stony Lake, Ontario, Canada C31LJ - Andorra G0RZJ - in all CEPT countries 51 years a ham. - Peter
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    Truck + Camper FOR SALE - 2004 6.0l F350 with Lance 1010 Slide-in

    BOUGHT! I am happy to say that Mark has sold this one to me. Been looking for a long time. Looking forward to hitting the road.
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    Wanted: Toyota Sunrader 18ft 2x4 or 4x4

    Paul, I have sent a couple of PMs, but perhaps you are not checking. I am interested in your Sunrader and will be in California for the next few weeks. I would like to get together while I am here to take a look. Please let me know if that can be arranged. Peter
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    WTB: 4WD Toyota Van, '87-'89

    Where are you in California? I might be interested.