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    FS: Properly Built Land Cruiser 100 series $17,500 NJ SOLD!!!

    Nice rig at a good price. With such a new engine that should last forever. I would suggest posting underbody photos just to show a lack of rust.
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    SOLD!! Solo Stove BonFire - Brand New Never Used

    I have one of these and it’s awesome. They burn very hot and efficiently but the best part is how easy it is to get a fire started even with less than ideal fuel.
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    Goal zero, or other comparable systems

    Dometic CFX 50 at 32 degrees
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    Goal zero, or other comparable systems

    Yeti and Goal Zero are different companies! Yeti just coincidentally happens to be th product name of the Goal Zero generator.
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    Dometic PLB40 Reviews

    Thank you, and others, for the response. I have a Yeti as well as adapters that resolve issues 1 & 2 And there are adapters for #3 as well but I get wanting things to “just work”. That was my original reason for getting the Yeti and the adapters were unexpected cost and complexity, but I’m happy...
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    Dometic PLB40 Reviews

    For those that have a PLB40, did you consider a Goal Zero Yeti and if so, what made you go with the Dometic? It seems like the Yeti is more value for money. I feel like I’m missing something.
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    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    I’ll buy a set.
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    06 GX vs 05 Land Cruiser

    You can’t go wrong with either. I chose a 100 series for the increased space and split tailgate.
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    Best ground tent under $500 for 2 kids and 2 adults

    I have an REI Kingdom 6 w/garage as well and it’s been great for our family of 2 adults and 2 teenagers. It’s relatively light, well thought out , and has a ton of space but I’d be tempted by a Gazelle for ease of use if I was buying today.
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    Best Overland Channels on YouTube

    I’ve been following your posts and never knew you had a YT channel!