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  • Hi, Im very interested in the suburban if it hasnt been sold yet. If you could call me at 919-520-2324 I would really appreciate it. Im in Raleigh have cash in hand. Thanks, Ben
    I haven't had any issues with clearance. The stock suspension doesn't have a lot of articulation so no rubbing. I don't do any rock crawling only simple off-roading. You probably won't have any problems. I hope this helps.
    Hey ken. I wrote on your 2000 Monty build thread awhile back. I am currently looking at tires and suspension for my Monty that is the same as yours.

    I am curious now that you have had the 33s on there for some time now if you would suggest any type of body lift or suspension lift. I see that the tires fit fine but am concerned about them rubbing in the wheel wells on bumps and bumpy turns.

    With your experience are there no issues even when off-road with wheel articulation with the larger wheels??

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