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    Expedition Colorado Family Style (GA - CO.)

    Sounds like an awesome trip so far. Can't wait to read more!
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    Hiker / Lead Dog Trailer Owners Post Up

    Which Facebook page is it? I tried to join the Hiker owners page to learn more about them, but was told I had to own one or have one on order.
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    Hiker / Lead Dog Trailer Owners Post Up

    Any info on the Hiker you had? What would you say the non off-road is capable of? Typical dirt or fire roads? What did you like about the Hiker? What did you learn about the last one and are changing for the new one? We are looking at the 6x10, but it only comes in non off-road. Hoping to...
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    Love Being In The Dog House (trailer)

    Interested in seeing what you come up with for the kitchen.
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    Hiker lead dog tear drop for sale

    Haven't ordered it yet. I've had a couple of email correspondents with Wes at Hike for more information, which he supplied. Went to look at different teardrops yesterday, but The wife and I keep coming back to the Hiker. They just don't compare. I need to sit down with the family CFO.
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    Inka Outdoor Trailers

    I was hoping that Inka was going to be at Overland Expo East, but no luck. A couple of questions, do the windows open for ventilation? So you have an pics with the windows open? I need a camper with good ventilation in muggy Forida. Is it possible to close the gull wing door while sitting in the...
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    Hiker lead dog tear drop for sale

    Nice trailer. I looked at those at Expo East. If it was a 5x9 with in-floor storage, doors and screen doors on both sides your phone might be ringing now. Good luck on the sale.
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    2016 JK Family Truckster build

    I didn't want to put too much stress on the tailgate. On the rack, I only had 4 sleeping bags in the big duffel. In the trasharoo, I have a Luggable Loo (5 gallon bucket toilet set-up) and water shoes. Nothing heavy, just bulky.
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    2016 JK Family Truckster build

    The 19/60 springs weren't too bad for daily use. My Jeep is pretty light without the heavy bumpers, and winches. On the trip loaded down, it sagged pretty good and bounced off the bumpstops. Last week I installed an AEV 2.5 lift. So far, I love it. We will see how it handles the load on the way...
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    2016 JK Family Truckster build

    I'm overdue for an update. The trip to the northeast from Florida went well. We explored Maine, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. It was a good trip. I installed a Teraflex rear cargo shelf, and that worked really well. We were able to have 2 levels of storage in the back. The Bestop rear rack...
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    2016 JK Family Truckster build

    I'm back in a Jeep after bouncing around a little bit. Started with a '99 TJ that started the exploration bug. Moved on to a Tacoma Supersized to a Tundra (photo taken at Expo East -great time) Ten years after selling the TJ, I'm finally back in another Jeep. They've come a long way. I...
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    OK4WD Daily Driver / Overland Rubicon

    New cargo area looks awesome. Did you keep the custom cargo floor you built? So.. If you didn't , is it for sale? I'm looking to build one like it. That would save me a step.
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    Largest replacement battery for 2nd gen Tundra

    It's time for a new battery for my 2012 Tundra. I was looking at the Die Hard Platinum, as I've had good luck with them in the past. I have a Waeco Cf-50 fridge, and I'm looking for the largest battery that will fit in the stock location. I know I will have to figure out something for a tie...
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    Spixelz's 5th Gen T4R Overland Build and Adventures

    That's a nice truck. I remember it. The pictures aren't loading. You didn't sell it already did you?
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    Any one have any links or info on the big green Jeep from Overland Expo?

    Thanks for the info. That tip led me to this: