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    Garmin Overlander

    So, it is an Android tablet running apps from Garmin, iOverlander, etc, which are available for most Android tablets? For now I will stick with my Samsung tablet running Gaia GPS and any of these other apps I need until I see how it is going to provide enough value for the money spent...
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    Garmin Overlander

    Short video review...
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    not too shabby

    If you have two adults and two children and decided you wanted the dual cab option so they can ride up front, maybe even in a rear facing car seat on the rear seats, is it possible to have the front bench seats in the cabin become a bed for the children. I agree that four adults might be a tight...
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    Big custom camper sightings

    There are currently 6 preowned avalable at Earthroamer from $160,000 - $540,000. That would be a good starting point...
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    Inside Tour of our GXV Turtle, How we live in 100 square feet.

    Nice overview... Two kitchen mods we made after using the truck for awhile... We replaced the standard GXV paper towel holder with one of these mounted closer to the bottom of the cabinets and added a towel bar underneath to dry kitchen towels...
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    Big custom camper sightings

    Very nice, did you just get it or have you had it for awhile?
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    Overland Recovery Gear We Use & How We Pack It in The Garage Area In Our GXV Turtle

    We do keep our recovery gear in the aluminum boxes on the roof rack over our truck cab, but, now that you mention it, it would be easy to access in the even of a tip over. :) We did it simply because we store stuff we don’t need to use very often on the roof rack.
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    **NO LONGER FOR SALE** 2018 Global Expedition Vehicles Turtle XL on RAM 5500 - 14,000 miles

    GXV uses a Mastervolt electrical system and the Mastervolt lithium batteries communicate over the Mastervolt network with the solar charger and the shore power charger to insure that the lithium cells are not overcharged. Our truck has an Onan 6kw generator that is also controlled by the...
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    3 Fixes To The MaxxAir Fan in Our GXV Turtle

    I have the MaxxAir fan shade but haven’t istalled it yet so I appreciated the info. I found that even with an insulated cover on the bottom of the fan (I used Reflectix but it is similar to yours) there was significant condensation when it was cold. I don’t know if adding the fan shade will...
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    **NO LONGER FOR SALE** 2018 Global Expedition Vehicles Turtle XL on RAM 5500 - 14,000 miles

    We sold our house a year ago and have been living in it full time since then and it has worked out great. We make a few tweaks every once in awhile but we have no regrets on the purchase. Off to Alaska again this year and next year we will probably head to the Canadian Maritimes for a return...
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    **NO LONGER FOR SALE** 2018 Global Expedition Vehicles Turtle XL on RAM 5500 - 14,000 miles

    If you find out that there are not seatbelts on the dinette I suggest you contact GXV to see if they can add them. We have two seatbelts on the side bench seat on our GXV Patagonia model in order to take 4 people since our Kenworth truck only has two seats in the cab.
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    GXV Adventure Truck vs GXV Turtle. 4 reasons for our decision.

    Still planning our trip. Pick up our truck at GXV on Tuesday and getting some other work done on it before we head to Big Bend. We have no specific time to leave there so when we decide to leave Big Bend we will plan the general route to get to our daughter in BC and have an idea of when we...
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    We also use the heavy duty version of the 1UP USA rack for two electric bikes on the back of our GXV truck, as you said, expensive but very good rack. For a bike cover we just got one of these, haven’t used it yet so no report on it. Seems to be well made here in the US...
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    On our GXV build we have the same issue with the countertop ending above our bench seat. We had them attach a strip of the countertop material (about an inch wide and the thickness of the stock countertop material) along the edge of the counter from the backsplash to just before the front edge...