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    1964 Nissan Patrol soft top restoration

    This is going to be great once done, love the attention to detail
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    100 Series wrap almost complete

    How many hours did it take to wrap it? Have you done it before?
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    Do you feel the need to be unarmed and defensless while camping?

    Gun ownership in Australia was never big before hand, the banning of particular weapons hardly impacted the majority of Australians. Guns in them selves aren't the issue it is the attitude of them being the answer for any situation, that is the problem. There is a problem with gun usage in the...
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    Ammo can idea thread

    I mounted them in the side of my tray on my Zuk. Stored straps, shackles etc in them
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    The ultimate cargo slide/tray?

    Was thinking, make a frame that attaches via hinged brackets that attach to the factory roll bar. The floor/shelf would be webbing or similar. There would be a spring/ram that would keep it tensioned in an angled closed position but allow for an open position angled down towards the back of the...
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    The ultimate cargo slide/tray?

    Another thought is to have a table that slides in vertically next to the fridge with a hinge so you slide it out vertically and then fold it out from the slide so it sits outside of the vehicle footprint For shelves above, hinge them at the back with a soft floor so you can tilt forward to load...
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    Suzuki Owners; Let's see your ExPo Trucks

    My old Sierra LWB. 34" swampers, front ARB locker (prototype used for R&D), rear LA Locker, 80:1 low range, 2" Old Man Emu SPUA, 3/4 elliptic rear spring setup. Custom tray and Exo cage
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    Random RIG Shots

    Couple of pics of my old Suzuki. Great little truck, front Air Locker (first ARB locker for a Suzuki did R&D for them) rear LA Locker, 34" Swampers, 80:1 low range. Thing was near unstoppable, never should have sold it
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    ICELAND - forgotten tracks

    Nice video, makes me regret even more not getting organised this year and going
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    Do you feel the need to have a weapon when camping

    Totally understand the need for protection in relation to wildlife, have camped in Canada and had some large bears come through the site. But there have been many comments about the need to scare off people from their camp sites etc
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    Do you feel the need to have a weapon when camping

    And on the flip side all the incidents that end up with people dead because a hand gun was so convenient and well why not "I've got a gun better use it" I'm also gladiator live somewhere where guns aren't as prevalent. I'm glad that when I camp I don't feel the need to carry to protect myself...
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    4Door Bronco build

    They are nice flares, I'm pretty sure I had set of Samurai ones from the same manufacturer here in Oz. Took some heavy hits without any damage
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    4Door Bronco build

    Can't wait to see the finished product, looking great so far
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    This thread keeps getting better and better. The concept up a few posts on the White JKU with the rear cargo panels is swaying me to buy a JKU, now just need a company to make them and sell down under
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    The Land of Aus - Australia E7 Trip Report

    Price of coke has come down, you can get them for $2.20 [emoji1]