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    Thoughts on 2023 Ford Super Duty for Family Travel?

    Family of 5 in the woods. We bring ice fishing gear, hockey gear, and ski stuff. It's a bit of tetris but we make it happen.
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    Earthroamer SX

    I'm a much bigger fan of this interior layout then the previous. I think it just makes sense to have the door in front of the rear axle and have a large dinette in the back. At least from a family standpoint it would be nice to have two separate areas for sleeping and not have to climb over kids...
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    The bigger the truck, the greater the (misplaced?) concern about payload?

    While anecdotal, I believe much of the mid size crowd does look at their vehicles and what the payload/capability ratings are in the rest of the world. Many vehicles throughout Europe are used to tow trailers. Seeing a VW or Mercedes station wagon towing a travel trailer (or horse trailer) in...
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    Thoughts on 2023 Ford Super Duty for Family Travel?

    We have a 2022 f350 CCLB 7.3l gas with a hallmark cuchara for a family of 5. Winter camping we all sleep in the camper using the bunk bed. In the summer my oldest (14) likes to sleep in the truck. The great thing about the super duty trucks that a lot of people miss is the floor of the...
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    Hallmark or Outfitter - help me decide!

    As someone with a hallmark cuchara, and 3 kids (6,9,13) there are some things we have identified as great features for us that others may not get. We are in CO and use the camper year-round with adjustments made for winter. 1. The wet bath is worth it, at least for us. My wife absolutely...
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    Truck For Kenai Scout?

    It has been a while since I bought my truck but there are a few points that I think we are both correct in. The tremor package in and of itself may not lower the GVWR, you are correct. However, a F350 SRW 7.3L gas CCLB with correct options can reach 11900. You cannot get a gas tremor with...
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    Truck For Kenai Scout?

    I did the duals so that I can run a DC/DC charger to the camper without worry. Also, we were going with a hallmark camper and felt that the 3.73 would handle the weight and aero penalty without issue.
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    Truck For Kenai Scout?

    F350. Single rear will will have enough payload especially with a gas motor. Go for the 7.3.... really no reason not to. With all the emission stuff and our driving I couldn't justify the diesel and would probably ruin it. The truck (with camper installed) is my main vehicle. I usually drive it...
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    Hallmark let me down

    I will reply one last time as I see where this is going. I am not bending the truth. I dont know the truth of this situation, only your side. You stand to gain hallmark paying for your repair if they feel this negatively impacts their business. What do you have to lose..... nothing I can see...
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    Hallmark let me down

    Maybe I am hardwired a little differently. If a plumber came to my house to fix my leaking sink I would open up the cabinet and verify that my sink wasnt leaking any more before I paid them for their work. That is a stationary house. There is no way I would bless off on completed plumbing work...
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    Hallmark let me down

    Unless your hallmark is significantly different than mine I will have to agree to disagree with some of your of thought and reasoning. I just replaced my water heater and repaired the previous owners "plumbing fixes". The sink lines are obscured by the sink and it definatly makes it easier to...
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    Hallmark let me down

    Disclaimer: I own a Hallmark camper that I bought used. I have taken to Hallmark after purchase (it was a stop in) and the people working were more than happy to help me figure out the camper, even fixing a few thing the previous owner neglected. At no cost. So just to get this straight...
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    Truck Camper that Sleeps 4?

    We have a family of 5 in a hallmark cuchara. 2 kids on the dinette and one in the bunk bed above the dinette. Its tight but makes a perfect ski vehicle for us. Unless you are worried about insurance or registration there really isnt a downside to going to a 3500/350 size. For our uses, the...
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    Modern truck camper for an adventurous family of five?

    We have a family of 5 in a f350 and hallmark cuchara. Is it tight.....? Heck yeah. But I can drive it to work or pick up the kids from school (all within 5 miles) and have it on the truck to go camping at any time. If a meeting runs late I have a fully stocked kitchen on the back of my truck to...
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    My Journey

    While we are seeing an increase in aggression by the Russian military it is all too easily missed or glossed over that this is the continuation of a war that has been going since 2014 (at least in its current iteration). I have had the opportunity to go over there multiple times for work to...