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    Which 4 season tent?

    Another vote for the Kodiak Canvas tent.
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    Camp rug?

    I think he is talking about these style rugs used by the RV camper crowd which are good also.
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    Tools storage

    Budget tool roll.
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    DONE! Building a battery box

    This would be easier than building the Pelican box IMO.
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    DONE! Building a battery box

    This is what I did and how its wired.
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    WaterPORT Shower System Review

    I will try and get you some measurements tomorrow. It holds 3.8 gallons so that is around 32 lbs of water plus the unit I would guess is around 8 to 10 lbs. so around 40 to 45 lbs total.
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    Cheap tricks and solutions - product modifications, DIY, or repurposed items- not on-sale items

    Not exactly cheap but in the grand scheme of "overlanding" trailers, from this to this less than $3000.00
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    The Great Camp Chair Debate

    I have had good luck out of these from Sam's.
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    Large insta tent

    Sorry, didn't see 3 to 4 rooms. Not sure what to recommend.