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  • I really like the Eastern part of Indiana and Batesville. Batesville is a very nice community. I get over that way several times a year on my way to the Friendship Black Powder Shoots. Hope to run into you sometime. Let's get this Hoosier Overlander thing going.
    Hey, nearly forgot to let you know about the swap. It's midway through right now. Some of my stuff didn't get here quick enough to get it totally done during spring break. I'm back at school for the week, but will hopefully get it rolling this weekend. It might not be totally finished until next week sometime, but it will be done eventually lol. Hit me up if you want to come check it out. I'm taking plenty of pics and I'll send them your way when I'm done if you'd like. Talk to you later.
    I will definitely take plenty of pictures. If you wanted to come check it out in-progress that'd be fine, fair warning I'm not an experienced fabricator or anything so it'll be slow and dull at times lol. I might let you know when it's getting close to completion or something so it'll be more interesting when you get there. It'll be a multi-day process probably. How far away are you? I'm close to Jamestown, TN. 38504 zip
    Sorry for the multiple messages and for being so long-winded lol. Read the bottom one first. The site limits you to 1000 characters.
    The 44 was a viable option for me as well, but I wanted to go with the aam 11.5 (with the G-80) just to be different so the 60 made more sense. I plan on using Deaver leafs in the back to match the improved ride of the coils up front. Possibly Bilstein 5100's all around. NP 241 transfer case will remove the need for a front sye for my 261, but would love to go with an atlas sometime down the road. It'd be totally cool for you to come check it out. I plan to do the swap during spring break, and I'll be ordering up all the parts fairly shortly. Depending on when you plan on doing yours, this time frame might not help but if it will work come on over. Basically, what I'm trying to accomplish is an all-arounder that can do many things well with an emphasis on reliability and durability. I don't plan on killing it, but all the overkill components will serve as extra peace of mind. I always like being the one that makes it look easy :). If you have anymore questions, hit me up.
    Hey, glad you sent me a message. My plans are to use the Cage Off-road radius arm swap for my truck because this will still be my DD plus for long trips you want something that'll drive well. Petersen's 4-Wheel and Off-Road did an install and write up on it a few years ago and they talked like it was a great set-up. It's designed for the 2500 (not 2500hd) trucks, but they've told me that with just a few modifications it'll work for my truck. I plan on recruiting a mechanically inclined cousin to help me out (he's more experienced with a welder), but other than that I'll be doing most of it myself. I will probably have a shop do my gear swaps but that's it.
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