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    Overland Expo sold
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    HUB Overland 100 Build

    Are they back in stock? I thought they were doing a re-design based on their 200 series bumpers and they are still working on them.
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    Thule Acquires Tepui

    Walmart sales Thule?
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    What is the best year for the 100 series Land Cruiser?

    This is the answer you are looking for OP.
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    Anyone make anything like the Camp Cover tool bag?

    @BritKLR Did the "Trail Attache" ever come out?
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    Storage box options

    The thing I like best about them is that they stack up and come with a dolly. I can put certain gear in there that I don't want to leave in my truck at all times. When I am not using I can stack it up and move it easily out of the way.
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    Howlingmoon RTT parts ***Update***

    I think I have one. If I do, it's yours. Let me check @sfladvrider226 I found it. PM me your address and I will drop it in the mail.
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    Howlingmoon RTT parts ***Update*** is the email I used. What parts do you need? I have a few laying around since I swapped over to the newly designed parts.
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    Multiple blue tooth devices?

    So I've noticed in some youtube videos that people seem to be running multiple blue tooth devices off of one tablet. I think it was a @LifestyleOverland video where he was cycling through his tablet and had Gaia, Torque, and his music player all running off the same tablet. Am I that much a...
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    82 QT Edgestar fridge

    Make me an offer
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    LX470 winch bumper options that don't cost an arm and a leg.

    If you don't need a bumper for say, Trail Tailor sells a hidden winch mount for less than $400..... otherwise good luck finding cheap bumpers. The TJM T17 can be had for $750, but I don't think that includes the winch plate. 4x4labs has a weld together option...
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    82 QT Edgestar fridge

    Edgestar FP861, 86 quart fridge. Only reason I am selling it is because it is to big to use in my 100 series and I need to downsize. I worked great in my Suburban. Works great, has a few stains in the bottom, will also come with some hold down brackets I bought but never installed. Located in...
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    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    Thanks. I've also read they require premium gas. Is that a recommendation or a requirement?
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    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    Can you really tell the difference in size between the 4runner and te GX460? We are thinking of trading in our 2016 4runner on a GX460. The main reason is we have 2 houses in the desert, and the 4runners AC is trash, and who in the hell builds a 3 row vehicle nowadays with the only rear AC vents...
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    Garmin inReach SE+ Satellite Communicator at Costco for $289.99 (Aug 2018)

    For those who owned the model before this one, is it worth it to upgrade? I bought mine right before this model came out.