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    Anyone besides Equipt stock Eezi-Awn parts?

    I need a new beige cover for my Eezi-Awn 2200. I called Equipt and they said they don't stock 2200 parts anymore because they quit selling the tent. I can special order it, but it won't be in until September at the earliest. Can anyone think of somewhere else that might have one in stock?
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    WTB: Eezi-Awn 2200 RTT cover in beige

    I know it's a long shot, but Equipt1 said they are not ordering covers anymore because they stopped carrying the 2200 series tent. Let me know if you happen to have any extra sitting around for some weird reason.
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    Largest RTT that will actually sleep 4

    Eezi- Awn 2200 is what you seek. Great quality, made to fit 4 adults, and not made in China junk. Pricey, but well worth it. I have one and am in SoCal if you are near here and want to check it out.
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    Is It a Terrible Idea to Convert My Utility/Service Body Trailer to an Overland Trailer?

    I'm running 285/75/16's to match my 100 Series. Overall happy with it, but there are some changes I would have made. I used 2x3 .120 wall for the frame and it's just overkill. I would have changed the towing set up on it, but I've made it work. I should have just mounted the tent to the top of...
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    Adapting an SUV IRS for a trailer?

    When I bought my trailer, it has the IFS frame from a 3/4 ton suburban as the frame and suspension. As soon as I got up to highway speed, the trailer started bouncing from side to side so bad that the tired were coming off the ground. I wouldn't do it.
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    WTB: Eezi-awn 2200 cover

    Before I go and order one from @Equipt, I figured I'd see if anyone here has a cover for a Eezi-Awn 2200 in good shape they want to sale.
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    Eezi-Awn Glodedrifter Tent - $1500.00 obo

    4 weeks to late. I was looking for one of these for months, and bought a Eezi-Awn 2200 a month ago. Free bump.
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    Latest Photo?

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    California Adventures M1102 Build (2019)

    He did a majority of the work on my trailer also.
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    FS: 230W Sunpower Solar Panel

    I’m assuming you bought it used? Any idea how old it is?
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    Mountain Goat Trailers

    Anyone ever heard of them? Prices seem reasonable, but they seem new, so I'm a little leery.