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    California Adventures M1102 Build (2019)

    He did a majority of the work on my trailer also.
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    FS: 230W Sunpower Solar Panel

    I’m assuming you bought it used? Any idea how old it is?
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    Mountain Goat Trailers

    Anyone ever heard of them? Prices seem reasonable, but they seem new, so I'm a little leery.
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    Cheaper 270 Degree Awnings: ARQ4WD & Overland Pros

    Crap. Half the end caps broke off, one of the "locks" used to keep the poles extended was missing, the awning leaked at all the seams in the rain at expo west. Don't waste your money.
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    WTB-Trailer Tent Eezi Awn, Howling Moon or Similar

    @Scott Brady If OP doesn't end up buying, shoot me the info. I'm interested and kinda of local if you are still in Az.
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    My new trailer

    I'd ditch that axle for a trailer axle with brakes. That rear end look heavy as all hell.
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    2006 or 2013 Land Cruiser?

    As a 100 series owner, I say get the 200. I love my 100, and would only sale it to buy a 200 series. The 200 will be way better for towing.
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    1.5" G2 wheel spacers for JK

    I have a set of G2 Wheel Spacers for JK 5x5 bolt pattern. Come as shown. Model # 93-73-150 I'm in the IE of So Cal. Asking $100 for all 4 plus shipping.
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    Snowmaster Fridge Order Wait Time....

    @Coyotegray I talked to Snomaster USA and they said they should start shipping from them to customers the beginning of October.
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    Cheaper 270 Degree Awnings: ARQ4WD & Overland Pros

    The easiest way is to mark the holes and use s soldering iron to melt through the cover. It also seals the edges of the holes.
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    Cheaper 270 Degree Awnings: ARQ4WD & Overland Pros

    You have to poke holes through the bag. Hopefully your's isn't as big of a POS as mine was.
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    Eccotemp L5 won't stay lit

    I got the info from them and will be taking it apart this weekend.
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    Someone posted it was when this was listed in the classifieds a day or two ago.
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    Eccotemp L5 won't stay lit

    I had it hooked to my garden hose at home...