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    Driven To Wander - Vancouver to Patagonia

    So what now? Straight back home or are you guys going to enjoyment the trip back up and you did going down? For some reason I had it in my mind that this was a few months trip. But 2.5 Year’s, it seems more like it would Be a lifestyle now instead of just a vacation
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    The batwing- how long is it?
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    Heavy Tundras choice of suspension

    Oh boy. I know all about overloading a Tundra. I used to run mine for work and would consistsntly be 400-600lbs over weight maxing out at 1000lbs over weight from time to time. While ( I feel) the truck can handle it, I made two upgrades. Air bags And better brakes. It’s one thing to wear your...
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    Overlanding pop up camper

    I’ve been off here for a while but I’m assume your non compete has lapsed and you’ve got a new company up and running? Did you move back to red deer or still in Edmonton? Pop up looks killer.
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    Multimeter recommendations

    I have a Flir CM82 (I think). It was $350+. I love it but it’s way overkill for my needs ( work mainly) Fluke is the benchmark in the industry. A cheap meter ($40-$80) would suffice for anything to might need to diagnose on the trail and in the shop. Multimeters is definitely one of those areas...
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    Trailer build

    On my trailer I decided to weld the frame. I knew how to weld s that wasn’t an issue but lately I’ve been thinking about building a new frame from aluminum C channel and gusset plates top and bottom of every joint. I wouldn’t weld the aluminum but am strongly considering rivets and/or flush...
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    I hope then cops find him and throw the book at him. No outdoorsman should worry about getting shot because some idiot is to ignorant to identify something before shooting at it.
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Part of the allure of the defender was the rugged looking square body. Not at all interested with was was depicted.
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    Hand tools, does brand really matter?

    I keep a bag of tools in my truck. Basically they are there to keep me going ( if possible) until I can either get back home or to a proper repair shop. So generally they don’t get much use so I don’t worry about them being top Notch quality. I’m sure the harbour freight brand sockets and...
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    Options for stabilizer jacks for an overland teardrop style trailer!

    One option that I am considering is the side winder weld on jacks. Weld on the mount and remove the actual jack when traveling. Or turn it side ways.
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    Bedding, and beds in your campers- whats your system?

    For my camper I ordered a medium density foam cut to the size I specified. It was 4” thick but if I had to reorder I would do 2” medium density and 1”-2” of a softer foam. As it sits it probably weighs under 20 lbs
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    Portable propane fire pit

    Yeah a bigger tank is definitely the way to go. Last year we got about 3 nights out of a 20 pounder with the flame on medium-low. I bought a 30 pounder for this year as I prefer a bigger flame. I leave for Idaho tomorrow mornings S if they lift the burn ban we’ll see how many nights I will get...
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    Maybe one

    For that price that’s a decent find
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    I think I might have super powers or something... On Friday I talked to one of my sparky about bending pipe. Then also watched a YouTube video on it. Obviously something clicked because I was able to bend that run with only one pipe. Was pretty jazzed so I decided to mount some boxes around my...
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    Off-road teardrop build from Canada

    That’s. It bad at all. I was expecting $2000+ I think I’ll pick one of those up for next season