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    ‘97 80 series trans question...

    Common in my experience, yes
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    HDJ80 Expedition Build

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    Advice on buying a Land Cruiser

    Depending where you are located and trying to source the truck from, but in the Southeast that’s an expensive 98. I would keep looking.
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    Lexus LX470 GX470

    Withou looking at photos or anything else LX. The 100 is one of the best Overlanding vehicles, plenty of aftermarket solutions too that will fit. Now, either one, you can’t go wrong, GX is amazing, I just prefer the space of the LX.
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    97 RADIATOR replacement PARTS list HELP

    Depends on your location, mileage, and condition of the truck. A radiator change should be fairly simple. If the coolant is old, flush it out, and flush the heater core to remove any debris. Then add fresh coolant and water when the new radiator is in. Check the hoses and the belts as they...
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    Pulled Baofeng Post

    If you are referring to the FCC Order on Baofeng, its very real and on the FCC site as of 8/1/2018. Link: Excerpt: 2. This CITATION AND ORDER (Citation) notifies Amcrest Industries, LLC d/b/a (Amcrest or Company) that it...
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    2018 Expo East Camping?

    35 ft is the maximum allowed according to the Expo's page FAQ, so you might be all right in there.
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    Mud hills in WV LC Series 200

    Looks great, hope to see more pictures. Did you happen to record the route?
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    Info on 1998 land cruiser

    A 98 LC for daily driver with 130K miles sounds like a time capsule, if the price is good... Now, even though it will be reliable as a hammer, and 130k is very low for a vehicle that can go 3X that, there will be wear items that will need attention. Miles are low, but rubber ages and likely...
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    Toyota Land Cruisers From the Canary Islands Spain

    Interesting. I am a fan of MilAnuncios, look every once in a while for Santana’s or cruisers. Part of my bucket list to spend some time in Spain, pick one up, ship it home. Haven’t worked out any of the details yet.....
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    1994 FZJ80 Coolant Leak

    Silly question, but you sure it is coolant and not water? The AC drain is near there
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    88-92 Land Cruiser Cylinder Head Needed - 3FE

    Where you located?
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    FZJ80 or similar buying advice please?

    This article may be hopeful, lots of emotional drama and facts in the thread. But gets to the point. Although 80's are very capable, and you can find them under 200K miles and under $10K in the Southeast, prices varies all over the country. A 100 LC could be the best bet for you. Neither is...
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    MONGOLIA and SIBERIA 2016 on our Ford Bronco camper

    Fantastic! Keep it going and enjoy
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    Replacing and Rebuilding Starter Easy?

    It is very easy to rebuild with new contacts and a new plunger. Look at Youtube for Toyota starter rebuild, all are about the same. Did mine on my '97 last spring and works like new. Make sure you disconnect the battery first.