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    Exposed storage for...

    Aluminum tool box with drain holes? Harbor Feight or Home Depot?
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    fabricated console ideas

    I’d just glue on the vinyl you used for the radio cubby. It’ll blend in perfectly.
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    Multi-pin weatherproof bulkhead connectors for RTT passthrough

    Amphenol. You can get as many pins as you want, all different amperage ratings. Pins are silver plated, so connections are good. You have to solder the back side, but it’s not too bad. You can get mounting gaskets as well as threaded gasketed caps to keep it covered when not in use. The...
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    Improving security... lexan windows? And some other ideas

    This doesn’t help the emergency situation, but something I’ve considered. 3M makes some sort of product that is clear plastic adhesive sheeting. It is applied to the inside of windows to prevent break in. It was demonstrated on a home window- floor to ceiling massive picture window. They...
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    A beemer?

    Powered by BMW. I suspect it’s a German independent builder. Never seen one before, and this one appears to be missing some trim. By the way, when BMW owned Land- Rover they Spec’d the 2.8 in-line six (M50B28) as an engine option. I’ve not seen one in the metal yet but that’s a nice option...
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    NJ: Cuisinart CGG-200 Camping Gas Grill

    I dated a girl for a while who’s idea of “camping” was a hotel lacking room service... I haven’t camped in a few years so I’m not your buyer but I was genuinely interested when I saw the brand. So I guess it’s a home use thing, not really geared toward us nutcases. Interesting for sure.
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    Bolts for skidplates - anything better than ordinary hex bolts?

    I’ve got a few of these too. They work well if the head isn’t chewed up too badly. Combined with PB blaster and/or heat, even door hinge screws come out.
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    Dry fire for improving shooting accuracy

    Yeah, but the moose’s who ARE packing heat, are not to be messed with!
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    NJ: Cuisinart CGG-200 Camping Gas Grill

    I had no idea Cuisineart made these.. What’s your opinion? I’ve used $20 wal mart grills until they rot out and then replace...
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    Bolts for skidplates - anything better than ordinary hex bolts?

    Live up here and restore cars you learn to create ways to remove bolts. And restore threads. I bought one particular pry bar from Snap-On specifically becoause it loooks like a big screwdriver. I joked with my dealer : “does it have a warning not to use as a screwdriver?” A very handy...
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    Bolts for skidplates - anything better than ordinary hex bolts?

    Go with flat head torx improved. They have an IP prefix. Better than hex and better than Phillips. When you can’t fit a tool in, you grind in a slot with a grinder and use a pry bar as a screwdriver. Use a floor jack to ensure it won’t walk out of the slot and turn the pry bar with a wrench...
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    Michelin XZL. Real world feedback?

    Thanks for all the input guys. Nothing happening as of yet but I appreciate the opinion, for and against them.
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    FS: 1995 Disco SD 5 Speed

    Thank you. I’m not going to cry if someone comes along with cash and gets it. I generally am a man of my word but I’m at the mercy of outside financial forces here... once the flood gates open I’ll be buying trucks and yours seems ideal.
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    M1101 Base Station Trailer: Spare Tire Carrier modification ideas requested from group

    If you go with a spring you might consider a garage door spring or a hood hinge spring. Some hoods used a “clock spring” type that’s more compact than the typical expansion coils. If you do use a spring a gas lift might make sense to control speed of the motion. Parked other than “flat” it...