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    Roof top tent - DIY - Scratch build

    Nicely done! :bowdown:
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    Expedition TrailBlazer Project

    I purchased mine through Kennesaw Mountain / TAG (Tactical Armor Group) / whatever their new name is now. I had a local fabricator heavily modify it. You're better off getting a kit from MDB.
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    Expedition TrailBlazer Project

    Great thought, and yes, I think that regulating the pressure down would be possible. All you're really looking for is to overcome the pressure head between the tank water line and the nozzle elevation. It only takes ~.43 psi to raise water 1 foot, so it wouldn't require much. I considered...
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    Roof top tent - DIY - Scratch build
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    Expedition TrailBlazer Project

    JP, good luck with your endeavor! Finding a V8 with less than 40K is quite a find! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Once you start a build thread, please feel free to PM me, I want to follow it! Also, if you haven't found it yet, has a lot of good resources for...
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    Expedition TrailBlazer Project

    mdclark, as I said in my email, I really don't have the time to do something like that right now. I'm in the middle of some home renovation work that's taking up most of my time. Thanks for the kind words. I made another video from this past year's camping trip but forgot to post it on this...
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    Cheap Fridge <$400 shipped

    Mine was pretty dented, had a lot of tape residue on it, and was kinda ugly. But its still working 5 years later.
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    Inexpensive Roof Rack Awning - $45

    I like the simplicity. Simply to add to this, I found that the extendable paint roller poles work great as tarp poles. I keep a couple in my truck with a tarp incase it rains. Its not a perfect setup yet, the tarp is a bit too big for the tailgate, and ends up getting bent in an odd shape...
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    Hinged RTT bed rack design

    So that's why your shocks are monsters. As for the gas strut, you will want to mount them so that they are as perpendicular to the RTT base as possible when the rack is in place, and then somewhat close to parallel when the RTT is at the raised/nearly 90 degree position (but you don't want them...
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    Show off you Laptop/Tablet/GPS mounts please

    My Surface seems to work pretty well in its dash spot. I used a ProClips mount similar to the one by theksmith quoted a few posts above. I just fabricated my own mount though. Mounting directly to the dash like that really saves a ton of space over using a floor mounted ram-mount option like...
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    The only problem with that is bluish light turns green when ran through a yellow filter. I'm battling that on my HID retrofit kit on my fogs...
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    Expedition TrailBlazer Project

    You've essentially got it. Black in the image is ground (its only there because of the status LEDs in the switches, if your switches don't have LEDs, you don't need a ground to it). Red in the image comes from a switched circuit out of the body control module, so that the accessories are only...
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    Sure, not all lights make terrible wind noise, I haven't noticed any from mine since they were installed. It likely depends a lot on the spacing between the roof and the light. The glare is easily fixed by either mounting the lights further back on the roof, or adding a deflector under the light.
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    Expedition TrailBlazer Project

    Thanks! There are certainly more than a few things that I have handled more than once, but I try to minimize that as much as possible. Its been a lot of fun to build!
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    An amatuers rating of the Surface 2 tablet

    I'll have to check that out, thanks for the advice!