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    My 2016 frontier build and adventure thread!

    I’ve had both. Both sizes are fine. The 265s will fill the wheel well better, personal preference I guess. There was a noticeable weight difference while driving after going from 235 to 265, I went from cooper at3 in 235 to ko2s in 265 both e load. There was a sluggishness when I drove off from...
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    Comparison shopping: Colorado, Gladiator, Tacoma

    I honestly think the frontier is a solid contender for these purposes. Tested platform, actual motor that produces more than enough torque below 1700rpms and not pulled from a minivan, plenty of repair parts, fully boxed frame and disc brakes (Toyota doesn’t provide either of these), won’t be...
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    Aggrocrag's 2011(Now 2014) Pro-4x

    I know this is kind of an older post but you have any details on how you built your platform? I like how you used the tracks on the bed floor for your vertical support, are they pretty snug is there or is there any play? Thanks
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    My 2016 frontier build and adventure thread!

    I ran cooper at3 in 235/85r16 for 50k on my 17’ pro4x. I like them a lot and the drove perfectly fine until I installed my lift and had Nissan do an alignment. After they did the “alignment” (my lower control arms apparently seized bushings and they couldn’t install the cam bolts without cutting...
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    All dogs off-road co-op

    Has anybody heard anything about this company? They seem to have started making leaf packs for the frontier. In addition to the leaf packs, it also comes with an add a leaf in order to increase load capacity similar to ome hd, the pack is military wrapped on one end and are made in the states...
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    E.J.'s Dirty Nismo 2005 Frontier CC Build Thread/Journal

    I hope your new Tacoma turns out as good as your frontier did. What’s your plan for the frontier? Did you sell it, trade or keeping it?
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    Any ranger builds?

    Have any of the new ranger owners started adding any items yet? Is there any market yet? I know arb had products for the row ranger but, I haven’t seen much in the us yet.
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    19k miles with OME/ Dakar suspension for 2015 Frontier

    What size tires are you running on those steelies?
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    Titan swap vs ome vs Nisstec extended travel kit

    I’m looking for opinions on the three variants of lifting above. I have read a lot of forums and other resources on the subject but, I would like some real world takes on the three. Is the titan swap with a m205 swap worth the hassle if it’s for dd and camping? I’m more interested in the m205...
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    Nissan builds a frontier

    The smod and timing chain issues were resolved by Nissan, in 2009. What would of been really cool would have been if they had just done a titan swap, straight of the gate, a vk56 motor(with a six speed manual trans) and the m205 front diff. That would be a great factory build. I hope a lot of...
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    Nissan builds a frontier

    Well, it looks like Nissan is finally realizing people in North America like using their vehicles to get outdoors. They built a frontier for overlanding...
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    Does anyone know why the arb bumper doesn’t fit the zr2?
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    Aftermarket skid plates or stock?

    I’m in central North Carolina, not super rocky. The closest area to truly test skid plate durability is at Uwharrie national forest. There is a dedicated off road trail system them the runs the gambit of difficulty. Most sections I could run aren’t that rocky, my biggest concern are the gaps in...
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    Aftermarket skid plates or stock?

    Quick question for everyone. Did you get a full kit of aftermarket skid plates for your second gen frontier or xterra or did you keep the stock ones in place? I just ordered a set of hefty fab sliders but, after doing more reading on the subject and crawling under my truck it looks like there...
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    Kootenay's Pro4X Frontier

    Do you have any picture of the seat and what year titan fits? Did you have to do any mods to the titan seats to fit them?