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    E.J.'s Dirty Nismo 2005 Frontier CC Build Thread/Journal

    I hope your new Tacoma turns out as good as your frontier did. What’s your plan for the frontier? Did you sell it, trade or keeping it?
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    Any ranger builds?

    Have any of the new ranger owners started adding any items yet? Is there any market yet? I know arb had products for the row ranger but, I haven’t seen much in the us yet.
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    19k miles with OME/ Dakar suspension for 2015 Frontier

    What size tires are you running on those steelies?
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    Titan swap vs ome vs Nisstec extended travel kit

    I’m looking for opinions on the three variants of lifting above. I have read a lot of forums and other resources on the subject but, I would like some real world takes on the three. Is the titan swap with a m205 swap worth the hassle if it’s for dd and camping? I’m more interested in the m205...
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    Nissan builds a frontier

    The smod and timing chain issues were resolved by Nissan, in 2009. What would of been really cool would have been if they had just done a titan swap, straight of the gate, a vk56 motor(with a six speed manual trans) and the m205 front diff. That would be a great factory build. I hope a lot of...
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    Nissan builds a frontier

    Well, it looks like Nissan is finally realizing people in North America like using their vehicles to get outdoors. They built a frontier for overlanding...
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    Does anyone know why the arb bumper doesn’t fit the zr2?
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    Aftermarket skid plates or stock?

    I’m in central North Carolina, not super rocky. The closest area to truly test skid plate durability is at Uwharrie national forest. There is a dedicated off road trail system them the runs the gambit of difficulty. Most sections I could run aren’t that rocky, my biggest concern are the gaps in...
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    Aftermarket skid plates or stock?

    Quick question for everyone. Did you get a full kit of aftermarket skid plates for your second gen frontier or xterra or did you keep the stock ones in place? I just ordered a set of hefty fab sliders but, after doing more reading on the subject and crawling under my truck it looks like there...
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    Kootenay's Pro4X Frontier

    Do you have any picture of the seat and what year titan fits? Did you have to do any mods to the titan seats to fit them?
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    Camper shell and OME

    That’s good to hear. Did you notice a difference from the weight between your previous and the atw3s? They seem super heavy for a 265/75
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    Camper shell and OME

    So a quick update. I added a “budget lift” yesterday. The lift included a top spacer (verses an in-coil spacer. No preload on the stock coil, just pushes the stock coil and strut down.) and a 2” add a leaf. I like the top spacer a lot, keeps the stock rise characteristics and comfort. The rear...
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    2011 nissan frontier pro4x mild expedition build

    What are you upgrading to if you don’t mind me asking? You have a pretty thorough build.
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    Kootenay's Pro4X Frontier

    I have a quick question about the arb rear bumper. What did you do with the rear back up sensors? Did you just tuck them out of the way and if so did you pull the fuse for the warning beep? Thanks.
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    Ranger Raptor testing in Flagstaff

    Lack of consumer demand was a big part of not putting manual transmissions in vehicles. My wife and I recently purchased new vehicles, both with manuals and the looks we got from the dealers was a combination of shock and dismay. My wife’s Subaru crosstrek had to be ordered and my Nissan...