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    Pan Americaners

    Mystery solved....hope they get back at it soon!!
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    Popup lift more than 1m?

    Actually he could add a additional bevel gear in two of the gear box's to provide a 90 degree output from those two box's. Tie all four together with three torque tubes and drive them from a single input. Each screw would stay in time as they will be physically tied together and any binding or...
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    New Four Wheel Camper owner

    Looking good!!...... here's another option for your shower setup. I have always used a solar shower bag but this looks like a good option to keep mama happy.
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    Popup lift more than 1m?

    Nice home built jack screws. The tapered bearings should provide nice smooth operation. Don't forget to allow access for lubrication of the screw and nut as they can tend to drag or bind when dry. I like the torque tube idea that should be the way to go and a easy fab. If you can source some...
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    Popup lift more than 1m?

    I would recommend a ball screw actuator. Reliable and offer very long lifting lengths. Here's some tech info: