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    FWC turn buckle access door slides broken - replacement ideas?

    I have a 2012 and the access doors are hinged with positive closing hinges.
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    Renogy PWM charge controller as trickle charger?

    The short answer is yes. I have a 95W solar panel on the roof of my camper with a 30A Renogy controller. It's connected to two deep cycle AGM batteries all the time. The batteries are 3 1/2 years old now and no issues.
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    Maxtrax vs TRED vs Tracmats vs X-Trax vs X-Jack

    Looks like they're made for ATV's and not for anything heavy.
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    X2, wear what you like.
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    Internal or external kitchen?

    We have a pop-up truck camper with stove, sink, & fridge. Most of our cooking is still done outside. It's nice to have the stove for morning coffee and to boil water for pasta, mac & cheese, rice, etc., stuff that doesn't smell. We will cook inside if the weather is really bad but that hasn't...
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    Ram vs. Chev vs Ford (3/4 ton)

    Don't know about RAM, but Chevy and Ford rate their HD truck for camper. For example I have a Chevy 3500 HD with a 4200 lb payload and it's rated by GM/Chevy to carry a 3,158 lb camper as long as the CG falls basically over the rear wheels. My truck has a sticker in the glove box stating...
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    Need Advice: Modifications needed for hauling a camper?

    First, stop looking at 3/4 ton trucks and go directly to the 1 ton. I have a newer crew cab Chevy 3500 HD. Its payload is 4,200 lbs but it's rated carry at 3,158 lb camper by GM. As others have stated, the weight of hard-side campers wet and loaded with gear goes up pretty fast.
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    Help for equiping a vehicle that will be left on a beach

    Not commenting on the anti-theft features, but we have friends the live on the Cape east of Cabo de San Jose and they have always had Troopers as well as a 4x4 van and run them without mods even stock tires. As far recovery gear, all I'd get is a kinetic rope or strap, some sand boards like...
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    Outdoor Kid Photo Thread

    He loves looking for fossils and rock hounding. He found a fossilized segmented worm north of the Palo Verde Wilderness.
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    How to change out the headlight covers 2006 Tacoma

    You can find almost any routine repair you want on YouTube.
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    Proper sized camper for Ram 1500 Ecodiesel

    I was going to use my old 1/2 until I found out my payload was 1,300 lbs after putting it on a scale. My suggestion would be to get another truck especially if you want to tow while carrying in a camper. Others will tell you to mode this and mode that but the right way is to get a truck built...
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    Ventilation in FWC

    Your post says you're moving up from tent camping. The FWC can be ventilated as well if not better than a tent.
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    Importing Routes/Creating Route on Ipad
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    Ipad and loading GPS Routes/Tracks

    You could do it using Trimble Outdoors either with a Garmin upload or GPX file import. My guess is then you would need Trimble Outdoors My Topo Map Pro on your iPad.
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    Flatbed FWC pics and input appreciated?

    Someone else will have to answer this but assuming it's bolted through the camper floor to the bed much like the original FWC were mounted.