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    Next Vehicle

    GX470's are spectacular. Coil conversions are cheap/easy/common and solve the rear air suspension problems. Come to the dark side- we have lattes!
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    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    Have you looked at GX470's? The 3rd row folds up against the sides and is easily removable - you may have more height to work with there.
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    LR3 to 3rd gen 4Runner: lateral move or upgrade/downgrade

    You seem to have been spectacularly lucky on one hand and unlucky on the other.
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    Winter All weather Tires. 3Peak Logo.

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac and Hankook Dynapro AT-M do well in northern NH.
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    Thoughts on 2010 4runner trail edition?

    Yeah, the V8 is nice to have. I have 255/75's and winch/armor on my GX470 and it's perfectly happy.
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    4runner / LC / Sequoia questions

    Don't let the Lexus badge scare you off. :)
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    Thinking of going from Tacoma to 4Runner

    For what it's worth, I've done this: 1st gen Taco -> 1st gen Tundra -> 1st gen Taco -> LX450 -> GX470 -> GX470 #2 No regrets in moving to an SUV, and Lexus build quality is lovely.
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    4runner / LC / Sequoia questions

    The GX470 does not have VGRS - presumably the OP was looking at an LX470. If that is the case, the LX470 does not have air suspension.
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    Thoughts on 2010 4runner trail edition?

    Excluding the V8 models ;)
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    Can’t decide between GX470 and Sequoia

    Key "under the skin." Yes, they're all 120/150-series chassis (03+ anyway). Compare the body sheet metal and get back to me.
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    Can’t decide between GX470 and Sequoia

    The GX is literally a fancy Landcruiser Prado with a V8. Congrats! Are you in GXOR yet?
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    Thoughts on 2010 4runner trail edition?

    You should check out GX470's and GX460's too. No locker, but they all have V8s.
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    Can T4R 5th gen TPMS go on trailer?

    It is likely capable of monitoring five tires. I haven't looked at a 5th gen, but in Techstream there are five slots for TPMS IDs for a GX470 (same as 4th gen).
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    06 GX vs 05 Land Cruiser

    If you're planning on taking it off road, consider getting the rear diff in the GX470 rebuilt with a solid pinion spacer. A high mileage 8" rear diff with the OEM crush spacer is likely to fail eventually if ran hard enough.
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    Used GX Daily Driver + dirt road capability? Model year 2005+ for VVT-i / more power. It runs fine on 87 (but the manual asks for premium). There are a few people in GXOR with over 400k miles on their 470's.