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    Dodge 3500 with Palomino 1200 $25,000.00

    Floor length on the camper? What would you sell just the camper for?
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    Did you finance your truck camper purchase?

    I can understand financing if the interest rates are good and you have a solid cash reserve. I am with you in the "zero debt for hobbies" rule. We put a $5k limit on a camper for a couple reasons: 1. I currently have student debt that we are trying to be aggressive about paying down, and 2. We...
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    Affordable, low power draw 60qt fridge.

    I see Edgestar and Whynter get tossed around a lot:
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    Did you finance your truck camper purchase?

    Pretty simple question, did you finance your truck camper purchase? I've been on the hunt for a $5k or less TC to use for the next few years. I've been ogling the Camp X and FWC Hawk but won't buy one for a few years (not in the budget). I'm curious how many people are plopping down the cash...
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    Four Wheel Camper - A Review

    I'd love to see that too.
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    Hawk 4WK

    Seems pretty high to me. Saw one the same year with similar build specs go for $9500 recently. I think if it was priced right it would be gone already.
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    East coasters- a question for you regarding the truck camper market

    The market for used slide in campers sucks. I'm in Nebraska and can't find anything that isn't a crap palomino. Seems everything is either new, or 30 years old and rotting.
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    How hard could it be? My home built pop-up camper project

    Awesome build! I'm chewing on the idea of building one, but I know that if I think that I'll have it done this summer, it will be the next before it actually is.
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    Overland Explorer Camp-X

    Thanks! I ended up checking them out yesterday online. Very cool, just out of my budget. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Overland Explorer Camp-X

    What do these run? I really like the looks of them.
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    Eddie Bauer pants on sale

    Not necessarily with EB. They eventually have everything half off. Bought these pants over a year ago half off, along with an Evertherm down jacket.
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    This is something people don't seem to understand, from young folks to old. It doesn't even specifically have to be running your own business, but rather not being complacent and staying prepared for anything that may come your way. Just last year the company I worked for got rid of my...
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    Jeep Owner Gift Ideas

    Recovery gear. I know a few Jeep owners that don't have any recovery gear.