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    Adventure Vehicle advice for a growing family?

    I didn't want to be the one to say it. Focus on getting used to family life rather than vehicle choices for a while I'd suggest getting a bench seat and a big tent. It will allow you to get out there but if it transpires you don't get out much you don't have more money invested.
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    Steering wheel turns into table....

    I havent heard anything about it going to the States and I'm guessing that Mercedes pulling the Metris from the US market wouldnt inspire much confidence. Even though it's all E-Transit Custom this and E-Tourneo Custom that in their blurbs there will be diesel and I'd assume gasoline versions...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Forgot to post these, taken a month ago at an agricultural show. It's a bit better looking in the flesh than on paper, real feeling of solidity compared to a defender.
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    Zero budget just get out there adventure van

    A 2wd van on m&s tyres is unlikely to get particularly stuck, you're not going to get far enough in to get yourself badly stuck. A strap and a shackle or two will be grand. Don't need anything too fancy. A 12v compressor is a very useful self recovery tool. Airing down can be handy if you...
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    My ZJ Overland from France/Belgium

    Nice build, nice bumper, nice doggie, nice route around Portugal. Enjoy it and take lots of pics
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    2018 Ford Transit Camper Van - sleeps and seats 4, new build

    In answer to my own question, and in case anyone else is curious. Lovely woodwork
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    2018 Ford Transit Camper Van - sleeps and seats 4, new build

    Have you any more pics? Particularly in the sleeping area. No interest in buying as I'm at the far side of the world but I'm planning on building something similar
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    Nissan Primastar camper build

    Not updated this in a long while. Nora continues to be central to all sorts of adventures. Over the winter we did a fair bit of towning with her, being FWD with no traction control means you need to be careful not to step off the tarmac as even a sniff of wet grass can have the wheels spinning...
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    Zero budget just get out there adventure van

    Love it, simple functional van. Really want to check out the NC500, was suppose to head that way Easter 2020 but we know how that went
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    4x4 Rentals in Norway

    No specific knowledge but places that rent commercial vehicles might have something
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    Long way from home - 2004 Chevrolet Express AWD

    (y) from Ireland, I think you guys are the only ones with worse vehicle taxes than us, but we don't get American stuff cos we drive on the wrong side. Van looks great, love the Skoda primer colour
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    Nissan Primastar camper build

    July was an epic month. I was off for nearly 6 weeks between jobs and used my time to it's fullest. There was some work done on the van in the first two weeks shown above but after that it was very much about using the van. I havent been closely tracking milage or anything but I've managed to do...
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    Nissan Primastar camper build

    After an excellent week away with the van (with, not in, no way we'd do a week in it and still be talking) Had a house rented in Kerry in the southwest of Ireland and used it as a base for day trips and a lot of beach trips in the area. The van performed perfectly but yesterday we had a bad...
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    Nissan Primastar camper build

    Some great parking at the beach today :unsure: Nothing a pull from a passing Hilux couldn't sort, but my 10 year old reckons we definitely need a winch now! (I think he's been watching too much 4wd Action on YouTube)