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    '97 Dodge Ram 2500, 4x4 Cummins Powered

    you could make/sell those... nice job, I get tired off carrying around my big step ladder. I looked all over for double steps and they are no longer made.
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    Bed thickness in FWC Eagle?

    there is probably 5-6". We have the stock mattress, a 1.5" memory foam pad, sheets, and a blanket on there right now. Pillows move down to bench when we drop the top. Leaving in a few hours for a week with the camper in fact. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tundra.... Would you switch from a new Ram Powerwagon?

    Not good news for Chrysler, but I bet there are some people at EP that are affected by this! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tundra.... Would you switch from a new Ram Powerwagon?

    I have and do own a 4Runner (2007), had a 1984 pickup, 86 4x4 pickup, and a 90 extended cab 4x4. I have a new Ram CTD Laramie. I have owned a GM car (Impala) and a Sierra. The Toyota vehicles I have owned have never gone to a shop for warranty or repairs and only thing done to them was...
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    Tundra.... Would you switch from a new Ram Powerwagon?

    I shopped last year, and the price for a loaded Tundra was not very negotiable for some reason. The dealer saw I was driving a Toyota and just went on about it's a yota, and how good they are. I went and bought a Ram 2500 two weeks later - and went diesel, for 8k more, but happy I did. This from...
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    2003 Mitsubushi FG Overland Camper Renovation

    I love it. This thread was shown to my wife and she said if I wanted to, I had her OK. Don't know if I could even come close to the work shown here though :-), but I can start looking for an FG. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice. THere is a Chinook, minus the truck, for sale local to me. IF it had the truck, I would consider it a project. Yours looks nice. Best of luck with your new rig.
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    The Ram that ate the Jeep . . . My Build Thread

    What gear ratio does your CTD run? I have the same question about tires. I have a '14 2500 CTD Laramie. I am planning on Timdens or some sort of airbags for the rear. No desire for a lift or leveling, but want better rubber. Debating on doing wheels/tires now or wait on some wear on the...
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    To super duty or not super duty....that is my question..

    Not a Ford guy, but I understand. I ended up going CTD in a 2500 last year… I was planning on towing. However, I found out quickly I do not like trailer parks or organized campgrounds. So went FWC. I have actually contemplated going to a RAM 3500 SRW with the 6.4 gasser. I think that...
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    Random dog shots

    Out camping in GWNF, I didn't bring Mercy's bed, she wasn't to happy about it either! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk