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    Water purifying

    Loco Coyote The Seagull-IV filter I described and pictured earlier in post #15 in this thread does this quite thoroughly; I have used this filter for decades on both boats and land vehicles.
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    Power Problem with FM260

    BELATED FOLLOW UP The dyno garage never actually was willing to do anything more, and in all honesty I am not sure I would have agreed to work further with them. They just did not seem to know what they were doing and had very poor communication with Mitsu Central, despite being a dealer and...
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    Composting Toilet — Report on 8 months full time usage

    Original Poster Here I stop back and read a whole batch of posts from time to time. I have a couple of reactions: "dwh" has consistently raised a valid issue: The toilet I reported on and have been using is a compostING toilet. Its output in my RV application does NOT result in compostED...
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    Looking for ideas on a good Fuso jack?

    My 0.02. I am driving a 22,000# Fuso chassis, with dual rear wheels. Tires are ~40" diameter. Front axle 8500#, rear axle 13,500#. Two previous vehicles roughly comparable sizes. Total miles in these relatively large rigs, ≤ 200,000 miles. I carry two garden-variety hydraulic bottle...
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    Effects of lake or stream water sources on expedition RV's water systems

    I am sure Ives' 5gal-in-5sec pump is a winner! I did not even think about going to AC, even tho I do have an inverter – tunnel vision. I will simply report that at the end of 50 feet of 5/8" garden hose and 50 feet of 12 ga extension cord, my 12v pump pushes water up at least 15-20 feet of rise...
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    Well, I broke it.

    You guys would certainly know better than I, but might any of the holes be for stress relief or to calibrate stiffness under torsion?
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    My Fuso FM260 is converging...

    DzlToy I wanted to add air suspension seats, but I could not find a base that fits the FM space, so that never got off the ground. I looked at super singles, but the cost, the Mitsu & Dana engineers' rejection of the off-set issues, and my own experience that I am not having any 'go-forward'...
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    ECU Fault Log - decoding help?

    I may be in over my head, but if you take this with a grain of salt&#8230; How is it that you are getting a meaningful OBD-II report? It is my understanding [not certainty] that Fusos <2010/2012 depending on model did not output OBD-II compliant data at the plug. I have been 'instructed' that...
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    FG Electrical Problem - Location of Earth connections in cab?

    I think ianc has put his finger on a really valuable point. Even if a specific audience is not 'expert', the mere act of forcing oneself to think though a situation in order to explain it to an outsider VERY OFTEN generates &#8211; in the interaction &#8211; at least better results. So, don't...
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    Fuso For Sale

    Why are you listing this under two different names and on two different threads. Might give a 'hinky' impression!
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    Power Problem with FM260

    Follow Up.1 Almost a month and a half later, I got a call from the garage that "did" the chassis dyno test. They have indicated that they want to make things right, and now think they can do a "manual logging" of data from the truck [i.e., RPM] to correlate with the dyno data points. They also...
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    Anyone using a 2wt?

    If I understand how rods and lines are designed and built, a 2-wt rod with a properly designed 2-wt line will cast roughly as far as a 6- wt or any other combination. But since with a fly rod/line you are casting the weight of the line -- not the lure/fly as with spinning gear, you have to keep...
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    Help me out here! GPS for Ipad Mini

    Another take. I use two apps on my iPad 99% of the time. TomTom for road nav. due to crowdsource maps, it has many more unpaved roads and tracks than any of the Garmin stuff I have ever shows [e.g., all over the Yukon and AZ backcountry.] ScenicMaps for 2D and 3D visualizing of where I am...
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    GPS mapping for Europe and Morocco?

    Matt For ALL of Europe, I would highly recommend an iPad with the TomTom nav app available from the Apple store. I have used the software all over the NoAm continent, and in southern Europe. The maps are excellent, and if you practice a bit around home before going to new places, I think it...
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    Power Problem with FM260

    I hope at this point &#8211; 183 posts and counting &#8211; that the hard core is not getting bored. The lurkers are as always: on their own. This has been a really great experience for me, in part for the final outcome, but VERY MUCH MORE SO for the perspective and assistance I have received...