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  • JRose,
    I send them to you this evening. Don't have them on the iPhone anymore.

    I have been following some tdi threads on this forum and I saw you have converted a US Disco to 300tdi. I am about to do the same to a 99SD. I am switching to 5 sp at the same time however as my wife is OK with that.
    I have all the parts that I packed myself in UK and shipped to SC. I have not yet started as I want to replace the timing belt and put a seal kit in the injector pump first.
    I believe you have retained the a/c. Here in the muggy south its a must.
    My plan is to reuse the V8 a/c by making my own bracket and keeping it at the same angle etc as it is on the V8 instead of getting a tdi a/c setup. I am considering canning the manual fan, pulley etc and running a longer serpentine belt around everything just as it is with the V8 using an electric fan instead.
    I would be interested to hear how you did your conversion and if there are any personal customised touches that you made.

    Cheers, Steve

    I dont need any gas money, but thanks, can you get in contact with the seller and forward me his address etc. and when its convient to visit. I am available this Friday Saturday or Sunday. Coloma is just a few miles away and its a nice drive. I could send you pictures or even call you when I'm there. I wish I could buy it but my wife wants nothing to do with sleeping on the roof, I mentioned she would be less likly eaten by Grizzly Bears but that did not help the situation either. Mater of fact never mention Grizzly Bears while camping in a tent.

    I check my email more frequently so if you would just email me.

    I am waiting on PT to finish another tdi install that is scheduled for this month. I hope he calls me to schedule for next month or so. I am not in a huge rush but I would like to be done before March at the latest. If I don't hear from PT in a couple weeks I will get back in touch with him to make sure he has me in his schedule and if he is ready. I will keep you updated on our progress.
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