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  • Right now we are narrowing it down to the 21st or the 28th of February. It might be both Due to who can make it when. would give me more time to scout the roads out.I was wondering if the Shoal Creek part had anything. I will probably pick up the MVUM for both sections at the Ranger stations before going on those dates. Easier to go by than the PDF file on the phone.
    There are a few other Xterras that I know around the Birmingham area that we try to get together to do some runs when our schedules work. There are a few FS roads in Talldega I would like to check out that will be closed for the rest of the year by February 29th. We will usually hit atleast part of Skyway Motorway when we go there. I still have not seen any part of the Shoal Creek section either. Best bet for most of the guys is the weekend to get all of us to go.
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