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    WTB: Four Wheel Camper Falcon

    almost everything is going to be in or west of Colorado. Where are you located?
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    East coasters- a question for you regarding the truck camper market

    i've been looking for something to fit in a 5 foot bed for years. I have seen almost nothing outside a hand full of units in california and colorado. Hind sight, I should have driven from AL to CA for a Falcon.
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    Already available electric trucks; thats a lot of opportunities to charge. Even if it takes an hour... which some dont, you're stopping less often.
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    Already available electric trucks;

    i'm excited about the Atlis and fully electric f150. I'm 90+% sure fully electric is my next vehicle. I constantly see people say "oh you can take these offroad, what happens if your battery dies" ok, what happens if I run out of gas? the XT will have double the range my frontier has. I've...
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    @Adrifters - F550 Surf Camper Build - Adrift Motorhome

    I have only seen on road diesel cheaper than gas one time since hurricane Katrina. Given the higher price per gallon, def, and now almost negligible fuel savings diesel is always more expensive per mile to run by my math. that's not counting more expensive oil changes, turbo or injector...
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    Nissan Frontier as family expedition vehicle?

    I doubt eliminating any frontier model is going to be suicide for nissan. The ex-cab pro4x probably makes up a tiny portion of their overall sales. I have never even seen one in person...
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    WTB Four Wheel Camper 6' Bed

    I've been watching FWC prices for a few years, the price for these across the board seems to be going higher, not depreciating.
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    Is there no one building a Titan Diesel?

    when they first started talking about a diesel titan I thought it was going to be a v6 cummins, and I thought it was supposed to do a little more work than a 1/2 ton for about the same price and get a whole lot better mileage than a 3/4 or 1 ton. Thats a point to be in, instead what we got is a...
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    Price drop-2018 Earth Cruiser EXP turbo diesel, Boulder, Co. $249,000!

    Thats the real dream right there.... let me know if yall are hiring.
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    WTB: Slide in bed camper for short bed Tacoma

    sign up for wander the west, they have a camper alert thread and 99% of their stuff is west coast posts. Almost every camper is going to be north of a thousand lbs once you put anything in it. Good luck.
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    Nissan Frontier as family expedition vehicle?

    I would expect you to be pretty disappointed in the amount of room if you downsize. Have you considered a Pathfinder or the Armada? I'm not sure how much more room, if any, the Pathfinder has than the frontier. I've never been in one.
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    Nissan Frontier as family expedition vehicle?

    the frontier is better than the tacoma in every single way. I drove a fully loaded 2012 tacoma for over a year. It cannot compare to my pro4x. We are a family of 4, we had to shop and carefully chose 2 car seats that work well for us. I am happy with it, I only wish I had a 6ft bed, and doubling...
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    My 2016 frontier build and adventure thread!

    This thread helped me decide to go 235.
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    In Colorado, it’s Pop-Up Hunting’s 4 for you

    one more