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    New 2021 Crux Model 2700 Expedition Trailer - $15,900 OBO

    please PM if still available. Also where were these trailers built at? Website isnt very informative
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    Looking for Forum Members to Test a DECKED Storage System

    [/ATTACH] Would love to try Decked out. Pretty much would be perfect solution then my raised platform/sliding boxes. The wife is always telling me I need to improve my organization skills... Plus I don't have facebook and I hacked her account to try and win a raffle for one a few years back...
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    Anyone use a Slee bumper for hitch mount dirt bike carrier??

    Hello, I just recently acquired a 1997 LX450 with a beautiful Slee rear bumper. The vehicle has no receiver, but Slee offers two option for adding a 2" receiver directly to their bumper. Does anyone have any experience specifically with this bumper with any significant tongue load? I contacted...
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    Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

    Very cool. No more tear drop trailer??
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    My First Week Exploring Utah, 4/12-4/19 2014

    Thanks for the info. Normally I have pretty good departure angle, but this time I will have a bike rack on the back. i have max traxs that I have used as a mini bridge to clear some shelves. What are the chances of finding some decent rocks to stack up as well?? (They will be scattered afters so...
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    My First Week Exploring Utah, 4/12-4/19 2014

    Impressive field fix!! Question: How long did it take you to run the Top of the World Trip?? What were some of the more technical sections on it? I will be out there next month and want to do this trail. Thanks!
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Long Time stalker and first post. Here is my rig. It has been down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon as well as the tops of the San Juans. She is currently rockin a camper shell which has a sleeping platform built over the spare tire and recovery gear.