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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    looks tasty, it could be a well sorted expo vehicle with just the normal stuff....lockers, winch lights etc.
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    What did you do to your Full Size today?

    Finally got my rock sliders finished and mounted, now time to start work on the winch install and the new cusotm front bumper. kenn
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    Full size crew (short bed) vs. Tacoma Double cab

    I had a 98 toyota 4 door that I sold right as I bought my F150 and to be blunt, there is a world of difference between the two. Yes the Toyota fits many places the F150 will not, yes it gets much better gas mileage (at least here in Japan the roads are totally screwed) But the Ford, has way...
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    what info do you want or need? I live outside of yokosuka and am familiar with the areas from kyoto/kobe up to southern sendai/fukushima areas. let out a yell if you are in the area. 090-4434-1463 ken
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    1st Solar System Reality Check

    long post, sorry Solar panels, charge controllers and inverter chargers. We have similiar issues in that we have two young daughters (2 1/2, and 4) that we plan on hauling around on our trips. I just finished my purchases for our solar system and after researching for several months this is...
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    F150 Instrument Cluster/Speedometer

    try the GEM thats under the dash by the windshield, seems that most of the threads on, and the fordtruckforum all point to that as an area of concern. the glass develops a leak and then the GEM shorts out (GEM generic control module) ken