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    Checking out an ‘04 Grand Cherokee tonight - what to look for?

    I have a '04 4.7 and 247 and have no problems with that Tcase. Its handled everything I want it to. Bought new , have 190xxx on it now, put a IRO 3" lift kit on it a few years ago...looks good and ride well.
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    Show us your 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

    got an '04 limited 4.7...188xxx. 3" lift bought it new.. other than every window regulator going out over time...its been a very easy keeper
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    Swivel Hoist Rings

    are they suitable to a side pull would be my concern
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    Arb fridge

    what I found out is to plug it into 110v for a couple hours before you load it, cools faster. pre chill or freeze what you need take.