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    2005 F-450 4x4 Utility Body w/ Starcraft Pine Mountain Lonestar Pop-top Camper

    Like that solution. I have similar damage. What did you use to hold the map up? Is it a fabric map. Where did you get it ?
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    FGs for sale

    Not really an FG but close.
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    House Battery issues...

    What is your low voltage alarm set at? 60% charge in a 24v lead acid system would be at 24.48 volts.
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    Constantly running ABS controller

    What year is your truck?
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    New Alaskan side entry flatbed 8.5' build!!

    Holy crap man, you weren't messing around with those plates. 1/2" ? You must be expecting the apocalypse.
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    Project Flift, a 1986 Four Wheel Campers Fleet shortening documentation thread!

    Just an update on the relighter: I took my first road trip with it installed, about 70 miles one way and back. I can't recall an instance where my frig stayed lit on a journey like that, but this time it did, on both days. So, so far, the relighter seems to be a good upgrade to a propane frig...
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    New windshield?

    Just scheduled a replacement with Safelite for $248
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    New windshield?

    Picked the FG from the storage lot today and windshield has multiple cracks with no obvious cause. Anybody had particularly good luck with a company which replaces FG windshields in the US or Denver?
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    FGs for sale If anyone is interested in this truck, it's not a huge distance from me, so if my schedule allowed I could look at it for you and take some pictures.
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    First post. Looking for advice on my first truck and camper.

    We have a 94 Northstar. Owned it for 10 yrs. like it. In my view the weakness is the roof construction. All our seams are now sealed with Eternabond. Should have done that when we bought it
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    Toyota HIACE diesel 4x4 5speed Space Shelter Camper

    I suspect the 'personal reasons' behind the sale include a preference for driving at interstate speeds.
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    One wonders if the overheating problem is caused by the owner installing a new timing belt on an engine which never had one.