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    Looking for a narrow/short built-in propane oven

    Yes, we did, and installed it. We also installed a 15V dc-dc convertor to supply the oven with 15v. It works well enough. You need to have patience when it heats up as it can easily take 25 minutes to get fully heated. The lowest rack is a bit too close to the bottom of the oven, and in turn...
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    Water purification, LED UV, specifics....

    Also, there are standards that most companies are hiding behind a bit. If you poke around, there are 3 standard(ish) levels of UV exposure. 10, 16, and 40 mj/cm2 The higher the better, and there are pathogens that require 35+ to be killed. The Guzzler H20 stealth delivers 10. The Acuva...
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    Looking for a narrow/short built-in propane oven

    We ordered the kickass oven. Will post once it is installed. Also saw Road Chef has a Big Bertha model that is 240w with two elements. Doesn't seem to be available in the US though. It is also a bigger oven.
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    Looking for a narrow/short built-in propane oven

    I think we will order one once we are ready for the install. Still waiting for new fridge to install that first. Will use a 15V converter as well based on what I saw and read. The company selling them said they can run at up to 15V with no issues.
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    Looking for a narrow/short built-in propane oven

    Sure does, and they are available in the US under another brand. 12V Battery Powered Portable Travel Oven – KickAss Products USA This might be the ticket. A bit slow to heat up, but otherwise it is ideal.
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    Looking for a narrow/short built-in propane oven

    That looks pretty interesting too. Thank you.
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    Looking for a narrow/short built-in propane oven

    The Furrion is too big as I had checked that one. The other two look very interesting. Thank you.
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    Looking for a narrow/short built-in propane oven

    Thanks. No diesel available as our truck is gas. And don't want a stove, just the oven. The Coleman one is an easy option, but it is very inefficient and would take up our entire stove top. We have used these before. And want something installed inside, but will research the campchef items...
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    Looking for a narrow/short built-in propane oven

    We are outfitting an older Lance truck camper for S. America. We are going to be replacing the three way fridge with a 12v compressor fridge, which is also much shorter. We will end up with about 20" of height in which I would love to put a small propane oven. But, I cannot find anything that...
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    2017 Cirrus 820 Truck Camper, $27,900

    We have decided to sell our 2017 Cirrus 820. We have enjoyed our 820 immensely over the past year, and have taken good care of her as she has taken care of us. We will miss all the luxury and comfort that NuCamp built into the Cirrus. Personally, we think 2017 (and some of the other early...
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    2001 Provan Tiger F350 7.3

    No affiliation..... $75K 55K miles
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    Ultimate Overland Ram 2500 with Norweld Conversion + JB RTT, Generator, Water Tank and More

    $117,500 for the truck. And $117,000 for the airstream. Biting my tongue.
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    WTB: F150 Super Crew 3.5L 4WD with HDPP

    I saw your posting on CL a week back. I am in MA. We have bought a bigger camper, and in turn, need a bigger truck. Looking for an F350. Which is just as hard as finding your F150! If we were still in the market, I would jump on your truck. Fair price in the given market IMO.
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    Ford engines in S. America

    I am trying to sort out what potential Ford truck engines will be the easiest to service, if needed, while on a multi-year trip to S. America. This is what I believe, but it is hard to really sort out this info. The 3.5L Ecoboost (F150) is available in multiple S. American countries. The 5.0L...