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    My Build Thread: 1998 F-150 AKA Trunchbull

    Keep us updated, we're watching
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    Roof vent in snug top shell

    I'm wondering if anyone has installed those RV roof vents in a snug top shell? Please discuss. Pictures are welcome
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    Baja Style Truck Camper Build

    looks nice! Do you have pics of the interior, not finished...or just the frame? I'd like to get an idea on how you framed it
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    Designing a Simple Water System

    Did you set this up yet? I wondering what your idea is for hot water?
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    Fiberglass Composite Camper Construction?

    I wonder if the material he's using is strong enough to support people sleeping in the overcab bed?
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    good find on So Cal Craigslist

    Nice price on a callen
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    Project T100: "Baja Explorer Ver. 2"

    the whole where to put your boards thing has me leaning towards a over cab type shell (callen style) Very Nice Work!!
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    The Open Air Camper build - Callen on Dodge Short Bed

    I'd like to see how you set up the water system. Very nice camper!