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  • Did I read where you lived in Denton? I'm just down the highway in Bedford, but I'm driving through Denton four times a week at the moment to and from Oklahoma City I just bought a 94 LS this summer (LOVE it so far) and admire the hell out of your SR. I've not really worked on vehicles since my early 20s, so I'm just getting back into it. Where do you hit trails up here in North Texas? Bridgeport?
    I have someone that wants just my wheels if you are still interested in the tires.*I had a death in the family and I apologize for nor getting back to you sooner.*I would like to get $700 for all 6 tires. They will be separated early next week when my new tires get here. Text or call me and let me know. 682-365-7676Thanks,Aaron
    Do you still have the 1995 Speed Triple for Sale that is in your sig? Any details? Thanks.
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