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    For Sale: 2005 KTM Adventure S Southern MO

    For sale is my 2005 KTM Adventure S. This bad boy is ready to ride and comes with everything need for an adventure ride. With 62, 000 miles it was no show pony. I have it across the country North and South, East and West. Tried and True. It would be a great first adventure bike for someone...
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    Alu-Cab Khaya Camper

    @Mudrak Custom Cruisers Thanks for the reply. I also notice the receiver hitch is a mounting point. Is that a problem when one would want to tow something? Thanks again.
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    Alu-Cab Khaya Camper

    @Mudrak Custom Cruisers I have noticed where the heater comes out and it seems to be below the bed? Is there a problem heating the sleeping area when the bed is down? Thanks
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    New Alu-cab Khaya Camper for sale in US - details with pricing now available

    With the camper off of the truck and the jacks holding the camper up (without the truck) can one get inside and spend time? Thanks
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    ARB bumper for 2005-2011 Tacoma

    Still for sale?
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    •PRICE REDUCED• 2009 Toyota Tacoma 60k miles

    Great looking truck! GLWS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Outside the Shade

    A little trip to Mark Twain NF With my babe. Had a flat along the way in the stockers. Luckily a few days later i got new tires when I put on my lift. Camp for the night. A few days later after the OME lift and BFG tires.
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    The Dogs of Overland Expo 2015

    Some more doggies
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    The Dogs of Overland Expo 2015

    Unfortunatley my cameras battery charger fried on me on the way out to the Expo. It wasn't until I was able to borrow a camera that I started taking pictures. Also by then, it was Sunday, the last day, and the most favorable weather day. I would of liked to get some pictures of the inclement...