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    LED Headlight Converion Bulbs?

    Don't JW and Trucklites have heated lights now?
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    Steel vs. Aluminum for bumpers?

    Lead bumpers for me... pff
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    Strong BPA free gallon jug...

    Have you tried water bricks?
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    Camping Storage Box

    X3 on plano trunks. I use the smaller ones.
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    As long as you have all of your maintenance done, why not? Just be mindful of clearance, and keep her cool.
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    libarata's Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100,

    They make scupper plugs that allow water out, but not is. If I find it annoying, I can always plug em with something. I bought a 2.4 meter paddle, which 'should' be about touring length for my boat, and body. It cam with drip rings, but if I remember, right, they dont work half the time anyways...
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    Our self made wood stove

    Sorry, don't take my comments as negative! I was just thinking of how thin the walls on the bottle would be, and just forgot the size. It surely is not like the stove we have in the house, so a minimal amount of thought towards safety, and this thing will look FANTASTIC at night.
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    Our self made wood stove

    I would only caution, that you ensure you have quite a bit of insulation on the surrounding surfaces. But good gods that is beautiful work!
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    Our self made wood stove

    You say this will be IN your truck?
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    libarata's Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100,

    Operation Egg Crate was a success. We inherited an egg crate from my in-laws(near 40 years old it is) when I was relocated to virginia. It has a steel band around the top, is grey, and fits perfectly in the back cargo area of the kayak. Now to source some PVC for the rod, and an anchor light.
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    libarata's Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100,

    I like that tackle box and cooler idea. I will probably pick up a crate tomorrow, and a soft cooler. Picking up a cheapo paddle, and vest on Friday.
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    libarata's Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100,

    No worries Jeff! I am fairly new to kayaking, having only used those puky little old town yaks a half dozen times or so. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin on Canoes, performing all kinds of 3 season fishing/camping trips in 2-5 person canoes. Just sitting in the yak in our living room, I am...
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    2018 Grand Wagoneers?

    How about a damn truck...
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    2018 Grand Wagoneers?

    They should follow through with the Cherokee-> Grand Cherokee theme, and bring out a Wagoneer based off of a beefed up JKU frame, with upped cargo, and hauling capabilities, while maintaining as much rough road capabilities. THAT would be a Wagoneer in my eyes.