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    LR4 tires for 19"

    I went the 18" route with rhino lift. Tbh, you're fine with the 19"s. Go with continental. If you want the off-road look, Go with the duratracs. Loss in in mpg is not really worth the small extra bit of ability gained by going with 18"s and spacers. If you still are hell bent on going with...
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    LR4 tires for 19"

    Dude this is a dead thread...
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    LR3 Slider options/opinions

    Your pics aren't showing.
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    Gap IID Tool: First go.

    You copy the update information and email it to gap. They charge a fee for every module to be updated. This is part of their fast lane service. Again, its a fee for every individual module to be updated.
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    Hard Shell RTT Roof Top Tent

    Hey pokey, How did you like using the hardshell tent when you're traveling? did you like it?
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    Looking at a LR3

    I don't think 2008 year had HSE LUX packages
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    Lucky 8 Christmas sales what do you want to see?

    They have another bumper on sale.
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    Lr3: snow chains or cables. Anyone have preferences?

    I agree, I was curious about the options especially with oversized tires.
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    Lr3: snow chains or cables. Anyone have preferences?

    As the title says. Im considering cables because of my modified size. What are your thoughts? Go!
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    Super Loaded LR3 Control Arm Questions

    No, the issue was the terra firma bolts. The stock bolts had to go back on. Lucky for me, they were in good condition. The tf bolts had the camber spacers installed incorrectly. I just chalk it up to the manufacturing gods not falling in my favor. It wasnt an issue, mor of an inconvenience.
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    Super Loaded LR3 Control Arm Questions

    Kicking up an old post, my brother and I installed the Lucky 8 LCA kit as well. Good kit, had some issues with the terra firma bolts(some of the bolts were not manufactured well).
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    Lr3 alternator & radiator question?

    Oem is going to be just as expensive. Go with what your budget allows, and be real with yourself. Are your going to really do these upgrades? Also, I would consider taking the original failing alternator to a specialist and have them fix/mod it. The radiator is a non discussion, replace it asap...
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    New Electric Rivian Truck To Challenge Land Rover

    There are a lot of off-road vehicles that dont make 400 miles on a tank. Mind you, battery tech and chemistry is improving daily. 150 miles could be a base version, the company has a lot of options on how to proceed making the vehicle along with sourcing the ideal battery components.
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    New Electric Rivian Truck To Challenge Land Rover

    I think Bollinger is more of a direct rival rival with it's homage ala defender: Also, because it's a small business, they have a bigger opportunity on deciding how to get it made. I would like to see this more of a realm of possibility...