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    Pretty Ugly... 1835, The Build Begins

    Good point regarding the BMS. Those details would have to be investigated more thoroughly. One of the added complexities with this battery chemistry, whereas lead acid is much more straightforward. Manual switches with 600 A continuous are easy to source. That comes to around 28 kW which I...
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    Pretty Ugly... 1835, The Build Begins

    I think you might even be able to wire in manual battery switches which would allow you to change your configuration on the fly.
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    Pretty Ugly... 1835, The Build Begins

    A 24V house system seems like the most obvious choice. If you are stranded in the middle of Mongolia and needing to weld something, disconnect all other loads, get out your spare connect cable you have in your welding kit, series connect the banks together, and do your welding. When done...
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    2200 watts of solar on the roof?

    16 degrees is a bit chilly, no? Even at 18 degrees I would say working very well.
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    Ordering Outbound Windows

    Yes, I found them super helpful and friendly when I met them at the 2019 Abenteur & Allrad show. Very nice to talk to and took time to chat even though I was not committing to buy at the show. Seems like a very good company to work with and the product is top notch. Just wish they had a...
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    Ordering Outbound Windows

    I would love to join in on the order, but not ready yet for new windows. It is on the list, but I need to get many other things completed first. Thanks for the offer. Did you order / ship them direct from Outbound? Any idea on shipping costs and how many window / door / hatch units did you...
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Just curious, why the need for double doors? We only have one sliding door (like a "pocket" door) that slides open and shut for the habitat. It can be open or closed while camping or while we are on the road. I haven't found a need for a second door, maybe you have a good idea? We do not have a...
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    What kind of cab to camper seal are you planning to use? Have you started to plan out a cab to camper door with locking mechanism, etc?
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    24V house electrical system?

    We use a Newmar 24V to 12V converter for our 12V loads. Rock solid piece of gear for years, no issues since install.
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    Range hood vents

    In our camper we have a similar setup to Joe917. A window directly in front of the two burner cooktop and a Fantastic Fan just above. Open both up during cooking and the fumes and moisture seem to be pretty well controlled. Main downside is you are cleaning the window after cooking in some...
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Glad to see David & his wife are still getting out in the truck. Its been a while since we have talked. Thanks for sharing the pics of the meet up "event".
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    Opinions on Older Round Nose Mercedes Trucks (LA911, etc.) for budget Overland Travel??

    For more (specific) information about access limitations for diesel vehicles in Europe, I found this website helpful:
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    Coolant Loss

    I found the same issue with our truck, no matter how often I would check the coolant tank the levels would seem to settle at or just below the MIN level. I hypothesized that with the engine circuit, hydronic heater, calorifier, and heater matrix installed all on the same loop, the system volume...
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Very interesting Andreas. Are screens and shades also available for the Mekuwa windows? The answer wasn't obvious when quickly browsing their website.
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    Mercedes-Benz 917 AF Renovation.

    Running kerosene perhaps for a cleaner burn? Just a guess...